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    Amongst the usual array of spectacular pieces I found this little piece. Never seen one before which always makes me a bit nervous. Quality seems there, currently at 320-Euro . Photos courtesy of Andreas Thies





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    The multi-part construction of the badge is pretty interesting. Looks like a frame, with the stamped badge attached. I’ve had multiple of these over the years but never seen this type before. One would think that examples would have surfaced before this one. Has anyone seen this before??

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    On 02/07/2024 at 17:51, VtwinVince said:

    That's a new one for me as well. Thies has a checkered past when it comes to selling fakes.

    Hi Vince,


    What‘s wrong with it? Can you also post which fakes are you talking about? It could have been a Juweler’s piece made by Godet. Without any proofs it’s impossible to say. Lately there have been lots of EK1 1870 (mainly Godet) fakes on the market that fooled lots of advanced collectors and dealers. It would be really bad for that auction house if somebody would bring iron clad proofs that this piece was put together with originals parts and the marks and silver contents were faked like the Iron Cross 1870 earlier.


    Someone (not me fortunately) thought that this Godet VWA was good enough to spend more than USD 3000.- including commissions.








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    Claudio, I'm no expert on VWA's, but in nearly fifty years of collecting, I've never seen one like that. Unicorn perhaps, but they don't exist in reality either, do they. As for giving precise examples of fakes sold by Thies, I think if people want to do business with him it is up to them to do some research, that's why we have the interwebs, after all.

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    Good Morning Don, have you seen other examples of this badge? Have you any images?? Like Vince, this example was a first for me, never seen one before. I’m certainly no expert on VWA, all I have is my observations over the last 35 years or so.

    That’s an incredible price realized for the badge. I know there’s a premium when dealing with Thies, always has been and while I don’t pour through his catalogues because of this, I am aware of his reputation of being an upstanding person. Having said that, we all make mistakes, it’s inevitable in our hobby. As I initially said, it always makes me nervous when something appears that hasn’t been seen before. I guess the possibility exists that it was a “one of”, just seems unusual.

    There were some nice lots in this last sale, including a neat Saxon bar but the St. Henry on it was a spangenstuch, so I passed. But it went for only 191-Euro, plus premium.


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    I've seen 2-3 over the years posted on waf. Private purchase pieces for the discerning gentleman.  I don't bother to save pics as they are not my area.

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