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    The two rounds on the right are GermanWW2 2cm flak38 rounds the red band (just visible)indicates a tracer was present and the yellow overall colour indicates HE.The small round appears to be a 20 X120 mm round more likely of US origin but also used by other countrys inc germany see the attatched article i just found as for wether its practice or HE its hard to tell without any markings ,,does any colour remain at all.try wetting it around the driving band to see if any colour got trapped .

    Did you guys ever figure out what it was?

    :off topic:

    I completely understand what you guys are saying about safety :blush: . About ten years ago, ok maybe nine, a .50 cal. BMG primer cap exploded in my hand :( . The anvil lodged into my left ring-finger, and the twisted primer cap went in one side of my left thumb and out the other (missing the bone thank God!). I still have my "shrapnel." I have no idea why the entire cartridge did not explode, but I have always been extremely thankful that it didn't.

    Will work on posting some pics.


    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

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    • 12 years later...

    On this one... a friend who was in the army... came out as a Sergeant and dealt in such things ID'd it as:

    20mm x 102mm Pele Round

    Penetrator with enhanced lateral efficiency.

    He drilled it, removed the powder and it's safe... now just a paper weight which is best. :-)





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