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  2. Hello all, Does anyone know what these awards are besides the Iron Cross? Thanks,
  3. Socialist Yugoslavia Medals and Orders in Wear

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. Here's a photo of what appears to be a Lieutenant Colonel. He's wearing two Yugoslav type Orders of Bravery, 10 years of Yugoslav People's Army Medal and a Commemorative Medal of the Partisan 1941 on his left side. The Order of Republic (class?), Order of Brotherhood and Unity (2nd class?), two Orders of People's Merit (possibly 2nd and 3rd class) and a Polish Partisan Cross on his right side. I don't know what's the thing he's wearing in the bottom left side of the photo.
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  6. Please Help To identify Medal

    This medal is some sort of restrike or special occasion item? (or could be a design for the forthcoming medal!!). I have not seen it before. This one is how it looks and comes in silver (officers) and bronze (lower ranks). The year does not match when it was instituted! LEBANON MILITARY VALOR MEDAL, instituted in 1971 1st Class. Breast Badge, 55x36 mm, silvered Metal, original suspension Possibly, what it is missing is the laurel on the helmet.
  7. Hello! He is listed Oct.21, 1918. Probably he fell in august/september The division fought: 26.-29.4.1918: Kemmel 29.4.-29.7.1918: Flanders 2.-3.8.1918: Between Marne and Vesle 4.-9.8.1918: Between Oise and Aisne 10.8.-3.9.1918: Between Somme and Oise (28.8.-3.9.1918: North-canal of Nesle and Noyon) 4.-6.9.1918: Siegfried-Front 9.9.-8.10.1918: Between Cambrai and St. Quentin 1010.-4.11.1918: Hermannstellung Hard to say, which battle counts in this case...
  8. Very interesting example indeed. Well done, Vazov. Just wanted to say that the radial pattern is featured in the first [Battenberg] emissions of the order, so it's not a new thing for the order, in general.
  9. Sadly, he did not. He is listed as "gefallen" in Prussian casualty list Nr. 1273 of 21 October 1918. He is not in the database of the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge, so I don't know the exact date of death or in what cemetery he might be found.
  10. Why ? In pure common sense ,the badge was not like the pilot or observer one ,not even as a wounded badge .it was a conmemorative piece . Granted by ? I dont know . according to which statute ? neither know . In another sense ,how many Tank crewmen served in the German Army ? Roughly 20 A7vs and around 60 british Tanks were the number of German Army Tanks , thats implies at most 500 tankers how many survived the war '? and how many rejoined the Army or the Freikorps ? ,or war veteran associations ?
  11. Hello, If anybody has any of these orders they would like to sell and are attending the Max Show please let me know as I would be interested Thanks John Baden Order of the Zahringen Lion 2nd Class Bavarian Military Merit Order with Gold Center Saxony Order of Albert 2nd Class Brunswick Henry Cross in Gold
  12. Hi Gents Hi Chris just noticed this thread just thought I'd re-share a pic I posted on the trenches thread.... in particular the thinner (improvised?) drag strap.... tony
  13. Thanks Dave Fantadtic. It won't lose his name again.... ....i think a drinks in order I don't suppose you have an opinion from what you've seen as to whether he survived the war? thanx again tony PS meant 'fantastic'
  14. What the original source is? Who knows. It is in several books but where it comes from..... To me it doesn't make sense.
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  16. The name is Erasmus Wirsing. He was born in Bavaria but he lived in Homburg vor der Höhe west of Frankfurt am Main. His initial military service was in IR 88 and his wartime service was mostly in Hessisch/Nassauisch formations, until he ended up in the 121. Infanterie-Division (in RIR 56 and in the division trains) which was a mixed, mostly Rhineland, unit. According to his marriage certificate (on Ancestry), he was a baker in civilian life, so I imagine that's why he ended up in train formations.
  17. Ulsterman : The first photo shows an Argentinian Army Colonel .wearing the full dress uniform of the NCOs School .the rank is carried on the braided shoulder boards . Three circular gold suns . over a disc of black cloth.and as a oak leaf motif braided in gold over the collar which carries too a serrated braid of gold . the circular badge on the front of the tunic collar is the emblem of the NCO s School .the badge like a gold and red cockade pinned on his right breast is the badge of the graduated Staff Officers.he is also a War veteran .The second photo is of a Honduran Air Force Officer .
  18. Hi Gents i have this rather worn Soldbuch. I think having been born in 1885 this man reported initially in 1905 then was recalled 1914. I can't read the name. he seems to have a few different regrets stamps including a 'train' battalion. To my amateur eye entries stop 1917. Otherwise I can't make out much.... the 2 bonds were in the book and it also had a collapsible 'trench' cup with it. hope its of interest Gents tony
  19. Trooper D : The officer with the strange hat is a Swedish one .
  20. Austrian uniforms

    Hello : The feldwebel , Ormester , in Hungarian , carries the 1861 model sabre for Infantry officers . Farkas : The Infantry NCo s entitled to carry sabre used the same model of the officers .all metal . certainly existed swords and sabres with leather scabbard , they were for the officials .
  21. Austrian uniforms

    Hi Gents I don't know if this helps. i believe Infantry officers had a polished steel scabbard whereas the Nco or musicians etc were issued a leather scabbard with a brass stopper/shoe. The one in the photo looks metal to me. tony
  22. It looks to be a good example, with the designer Paul Dubois name on the obverse. The ribbon is a nice example of the Belgian 'sine-wave' watering, and it has the two-pronged mounting. Bill
  23. Austrian uniforms

    I think this kind of sabre belong to infantry!?
  24. Yes, as others have said, this document doesn't look any good. That is not Von Kanitz's original signature...
  25. Hi Sebastijan yes I would agree, I see the horse of the 9th Armoured Brigade tony
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