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  2. Nick, I can't send you a PM for some reason – a pop-up box says you can't receive messages. Please remind me of your email address by PM. Thanks!

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  4. I believe so Joe. Except for Frank&Reif which the jury is still out on. At least until now anyway.
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  6. very nice. That's all the known makers? --dj--Joe
  7. Bavarian Oberst Friedrich Passavant was attached to the staff of the stellvertrende 4.Infanterie-Brigade from 3.10.1915 to 8.5.1916, when he was named commander of Bavarian Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 22. It seems likely your unit was a temporary march regiment of replacement units and troops being transferred to the front.
  8. More fake Military merit orders This one looks to have been made from scratch (perhaps a small portion of the parts of the cross might be genuine) and I must say that I am impressed (and worried). https://balkan.auction/en/auction/3910876/royal-order-for-merit-merit-iii-degree-borisovo-issue
  9. It's a fantastic collection! Thank you for showing. I particularly liked the way the medals were displayed. Lambert
  10. US Army parachute?

    I do not know why there are no photos of the Parachute badge,so I decided to add these of mine.It is interesting why the awards of the USA are not made in silver,but the badges are.
  11. I will add the photos of my cross.
  12. my new baby I hope it's ok to bring this topic back
  13. WW1 German 76 mm Leichte Wurfmine

    Very interesting topic. I believe the translucent yellow cellulose disk may be a vapor barrier, rather then the actual lifting charge. I have the same thing in one of my rounds and it is stuck to the ring with the vent holes.
  14. TWM / Gallipoli Star / Harp Madalyası Godet Case

    I’m afraid they are both recent manufactures ie not originals.
  15. Not sure. And not very interested in finding out! Does that make me a bad person?
  16. I have to agree. I wasn't able to read the scrolls on the Winnipeg Police flag but one wonders what a police force would consider a 'battle honour'. In their case, I hope it doesn't include the infamous general Strike of 1919! Colours seem a very odd affectation for what is now a 'paramilitary' organization only in the loosest sense. Flashier uniforms I can understand but this is just odd!
  17. Unknown class of a Japanese ribbon

    As far as I remember he was awarded with 3rd class As for the Kleindekoration in the form of the sun - this is unofficial add-on.
  18. Religious medal to ID

    Hello, would anyone know which medal this exactly is, please? It was identified as French religious mid 19 th century, and the ribbon is garbage, but nothing more.... According to the owner it is gold.
  19. Finds of the day

    She got me this today (found on facebook, I am not on facebook!)
  20. 2 badges and a medal

    I am not sure,but probably this medal has been already discussed in the division,but i did not go through it. Is it a sport medal ,or is it anything different?Wikipedia does not give too much information.
  21. Medal to identify

    Likely a French or Belgian 'private' organizational award. Could you show the rest of the bar? The other awards mounted with it may give a clue to identification. See the fantastic catalog by a distinguished colleague at: http://www.semon.fr/LES ASSOCIATIVES.htm
  22. Venezuela - Cross of the Army

    I recently saw an alleged Venezuelan Cruz del Ejercito full-sized medal advertised on eBay for $1800 (https://www.ebay.com/itm/18K-Yellow-Gold-Red-Enamel-Cross-of-the-Army-of-Venezuela-First-Class-/232194657943?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368) that seems to have some anomalous aspects of the legends' lettering compared with most examples I have seen on other websites. The piece appears to be in excellent condition, if original. The medal is identified as 18 K gold, weight=37.4 g; with a diameter of 2 1/4 inches excluding the suspension loop. Other probably genuine examples measure 55 mm (~2 14 inches) in diameter and are identified as weighing 38.2 g (on a medal missing the suspension loop). The motto "HONOR AL MERiTO" on the obverse is in very tall relief (contrast images below with photo 3 in my post of 29 November, 2017). The form of these letters also is different from those in the detail photo above and all other examples I have seen images of on other websites. The reverse legend "CRUZ DEL EJERCIT0" also is in higher relief and uses a similarly different lettering style than other examples. Additionally the configuration of the legend is unusual. Rather than having dots bracketing each end of the word "VENEZOLANO", the word follows "...EJERCITO" with no separation; the motto orientation is different - "VENEZOLANO" is not at the bottom; and there is an asterisk-like shape at the end of "VENEZOLANO" and before the word "CRUZ". This asterisk is in the central bottom portion of the legend design. None of these elements appear in other examples or on variants with the motto "FUERZAS TERRESTRES VENEZOLANAS". Also compare this reverse legend to those in the third photo of my 29 November 2017 post. I don't know if these anomalies suggest a different manufacturer than most genuine examples or if it might be a recent make that is not original. Any thoughts chamos? Image from eBay of medal offered for $1,800. Note that the "HONOR AL MERITO" on the obverse is in very tall relief compared with other examples, and the form of the lettering is different. Lateral image of the eBay medal showing better the high relief of the motto "HONOR AL MERITO" on the obverse. The reverse of the eBay example showing anomalous aspects of the legend motto as described above and the position of the unusual asterisk mark at the bottom of the reverse legend. Lateral image of the reverse of the eBay medal showing better the high relief of the motto "CRUZ DEL EJERCIT0 VENEZOLANO".
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  24. Medal to identify

    Hello. Please . could you help me identify this French medal?Medal to identify. uniface Thanks in advance. Lambert
  25. Thanks Alex, For the correction and I will try to change the background. Best wishes Demir
  26. What's the Latvian equivalent of Sausage and Sauerkraut?
  27. Thanks, Lawrence! I should have scrolled up before asking. On a related note, how would YOU feel about being part of 'Operation Reassurance' ? 'We don't actually get to fight, but we do try hard to make people feel comfortable.' Or is that just too cynical for words?
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