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    I collect Southern Africa medal groups from 1853 through to 1994. This includes South Africa, Namibia, Rhodesia and GSWA and the campaigns that were participated in across Europe, North Africa, Korea and so on. In addition I am interested in SA Military and Police and any "foreign" groups with Southern Africa service.

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  1. Hi James, in terms of the Selous Scouts there is a worldwide following for items from the unit. I for one, hold a few medal groups to them. Cheers Gavin
  2. I agree with Paul. For some reason I cannot find the membership list, as I am pretty sure she is a member on GMIC as well.
  3. Hi, in terms of reading material I would recommend that you look at getting the following books as a start: 1. "Medals Year Book 2017" - published by Token. this will also help with the pricing question. 2. "British Battles and Medals", I think that the Naval and Military Press may still have a few copies available.
  4. Congratulations well done, must be a great feeling.
  5. Just goes to show that there is a great potential story behind even what appears to be a single BWM on ebay
  6. from across the Atlantic and nine years later, what a result. Well done to Tim for putting it out there. Gavin
  7. Only corresponded over the forum. Sympathies to his family and friends. His presence will be missed certainly by this community. Gavin
  8. Mike, I have only just seen your posts, very impressive. I have been toying with the idea of collecting QSA's to Town Guards, as a side to groups, however this display has certainly provided some food for thought. Thank you. Gavin
  9. Hi thank you for posting the links, both gents were impressive. Of interest on the same youtube spot is also clip of Steve Stevens, DFC. Enjoyedtheir stories. Gavin
  10. Hi, in looking at the group it is defence force, i.e army, air force or perhaps navy, although the latter is less likely. I do no believe the group is related to the SA Police based on the medals. The group you are looking at consists of from left to right the following: Pro Patria medal, General Service medal, Southern Africa medal, SADF good service medal for 10 years. The conditions of award are reflected in the relevant section of the Medal Yearbook. The combination would suggest service in a defined operational area, and certainly operations acrooss the border. Research opportunties are very limited, if not impossible currently unless there is some provenance such as award certificates, as the medals were not officialy named but numbered. The provenance would also be essential to confirm if it is in fact a group. While the combination is certainly possible it could just as easily have been put together. In saying that i do not want to underestimate what the medals represent, which is a war which in some respects the intensity and scope was not always clear on the international stage.
  11. Hi, if not already tried it, i would suggest that you check Dix, Noonan & Webb and the Spink auction archives as well. You never know. Best of luck with your search.
  12. Some great pictures. Thanks for posting.
  13. I am sure if you post the details, one of us can do a look up for you.
  14. Hi Caz, there is a published role: Natal 1906 by D Forsyth. Cheers Gavin