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    I collect Southern Africa medal groups from 1853 through to 1994. This includes South Africa, Namibia, Rhodesia and GSWA and the campaigns that were participated in across Europe, North Africa, Korea and so on. In addition I am interested in SA Military and Police and any "foreign" groups with Southern Africa service.

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  1. Hi, are you sure the Africa Star was awarded to a South African? The VX number looks more like an Australian service number prefix, indicating that the person joined or was from the state of Victoria. Just a suggestion as I do not recall seeing that prefix on South African medals
  2. Hi, I have used Audrey for research before and she provides a great feedback. Another researcher is Dewald, I think he is also on GMIC as Denel.
  3. Hi, thank you very much. I really appreciate the help interpreting the medals.
  4. Hi, I was approached by a friend who owns the following "medallions" and asked to assist him with identifying them. I have not idea to be honest as it is well and truly out of my field of knowledge. I hope that someone on the Forum can assist me in deciphering the following medallions and indicate whether they are, as suspected, commemorative or award pieces please? This writing on the reverse seems to be Cyrillic script. Attached please find copies of the obverse and reverse of the first medallion dated 1915 - 1917. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. Attached is the second "medallion" in questions, with both the obverse and reverse pictured. They are both unnamed. In taking a second look, at the risk of stating the obvious, these may also be greek potentially? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and once again thank you in advance.
  5. Great find, shows that there is still very interesting items that can surface
  6. Hi, it is possible to get copies of his service records, but as there is no records online you will have to contact a local researcher. One of these is Audrey Portman from Rhino Research, whom I have worked with a number of times. I seem to recall that she is also a member with the username Aud. Best of luck. Regards, Gavin
  7. Hi David, I am indeed a South African, born & bred. Now Australian but still collect to Africa related theme. I have just returned from a business trip and will send some info through to you via email over the next few days. I purchased the group through Oity Coins quite a few years ago now. For the benefit of the Forum, here is the photo of the full size group in the meantime. I have completed some research.
  8. Hi David, you may be in luck with this miniature group. I have a full size group in my collection that lines up with the miniature group you illustrated. It was awarded to Brigadier Edwin Williamson, South African Staff Corps. Regards Gavin
  9. Thank you for the tip. Will give it a go.
  10. Hi, one of my collecting themes extends to the family surname. As such my latest additions is the group of medals to P/O Stanley Cohen from the Royal Canadian Air Force, Special Reserve. The group includes his appointment as a Pilot Officer effective 5th May 1944. This is the first Canadian group that I have added to the collection and have looked at the Library Archive of Canada website with little luck. Is any perhaps able to assist with either some information on Stanley Cohen or point me in the right direction to get some additional information on him please. It would really be much appreciated. Regards Gaving
  11. I only just saw this thread, after the most recent post. From the initial post to the most recent is just shy of 10 years. So while I understand it is unlikely to be of use, some of the following may still be of interest: A quick look at the reference "Springbok Fighter Victory - SAAF Fighter Operations 1939 - 1945" volume 1 by Michael Schoeman, there is one fighter pilot listed with this surname. He is 205546V 2/Lt Roland Marillier. He was originally from Pretoria and served in 223 (RAF) Squadron and 4 (SAAF) Squadron. He was listed as KIA in about Jun 1942. Commented on the Alamein Memorial. Obviously there may have been a bomber pilot with that surname, so except for that, I am basing some observations on evidently the only fighter pilot for some consideration: 1. He was not a captain at the time of his death, as per the uniform. This most likely means the uniform was certainly enhanced with at least additional pips 2. In support of some of the previous comments, he did not have an MBE. I would estimate that he likely qualified for the 39-45star, Africa star, war medal, Africa service medal and a WW II memorial plaque. If these were ever in fact issued to next of kin is a different question that can be answered by looking at his service records. (The archive referred to above still exists as I understand, but it has moved recently). This indicates that likely the ribbon bar was an addition. 3. The RAF squadron service may explain the RAF wings, perhaps a stretch. Hope it was of interest cheers Gavin
  12. Hi, one suggestion is to look at Alec Kaplan auctions that run roughly every two or three months. They regularly have badges from these units offered. A search on Google should get you to their site.
  13. At very least the suspender and attachment to the medal is not correct for a MM.
  14. gavinmedals

    Selous Scouts items

    Hi James, in terms of the Selous Scouts there is a worldwide following for items from the unit. I for one, hold a few medal groups to them. Cheers Gavin
  15. I agree with Paul. For some reason I cannot find the membership list, as I am pretty sure she is a member on GMIC as well.