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  1. Thanks Dave for providing the data. Unfortunate it does not fit directly with my theory that Walter might have gotten his award very late during the War(due to an annerkennung for an un-specified Lt dR Hübner). So the hunt continues Gunnar
  2. Hi again Dave Does it exist approximate dates when these two different Lt dR Hübner received the Hohenzollern award ? I have some clues/ideas when Walter might have received his award. Gunnar
  3. Hi again Walfisch The basic info comes from his AFP 6 file which you can find on ancestry.de. It also have some additional info like parents, where he lived, his occupation etc. The info regarding his wounding comes from the loss list which can be found at http://des.genealogy.net/eingabe-verlustlisten/search/index The wounding would make him an candidate for the wound badge also. Gunnar
  4. Hi Walfisch There are some good info on him on ancestry.de, like a file from AFP 6 and also marriage certificate. He served within IR 28 until 310117 when he was posted to FEA 1. On 090217 he was transferred to Flieger Schule Halle a.S. where he probably stayed until 060717 when he was posted back to FEA 1 (despite overwritten in the text this was the normal way in education for pilots). Then posted to AFP 6 on 131017 and further to JS I (Jasta Schule) on 171017. Back to AFP 6 on 301017 then to FAA 240 on 071117. He was badly wounded in a crash probably late 0618 but I dont have exact date so I am unsure if he returned to his unit before EOW.. Loss note indicates it was accidently and not due enemy action. He entered the Army in Ers.Batl. IR 28 on 010315 and was promoted Gefreiter on 090515 and Uffz 220515. He received the EKII on 040916. Gunnar
  5. Hi I do think that he might be the later Obstlt zV in the Luftwaffe Walter Hübner who was born 15.01.1897 ! He is also listed on ancestry.de regarding some basic info as pilot during the War. He is noted later on to be an Dipl.Ing. I dont have his complete flying career during the War. Gunnar
  6. Thanks Andy It is him , I have meanwhile been able to find him through other sources but I still lack his date and place of death. He was promoted Hptm dR on 30.09.1915. Before FüR 36 he had served served within PiB 4 and PiB 6. His time within the Air Force was more or less "an failure" and he was posted back to the Army. Gunnar
  7. I forgot to mention that Plato was born 31.01.1879 in Berlin. His birth certificate can be found on ancestry.de. Gunnar
  8. Hi Rob Plato started the War within the Luftschiffertruppe then later in 1914 he went back to his Regiment. In summer 1915 he started training to observer and he served in the autumn of 1915 in BAO. During 1916 he served in support- and homeland units. Early 1917 he was back at the front serving within FA 1. In 0717 he was transferred to AFP 4 and after a short stay as stv of FAA 221 he was posted further to AFP 2. Before taking command of FAA 240 in the autumn of 1917 he shortly served at FAA 225. He apparently led FAA 240 until demobilization. For most of these movements I only have approximate dates. Eventually he received the Hohenzollern award on 210517 but I dont knew where I got this info from. The photo gallery provided Tobias Weber is really nice. Gunnar
  9. Hi Rob The "Böhmer" who was stv of FAA 221 shortly(came from AFP 4) was another officer with the name Boehmer from IR 93. A speculation regarding Ernst Böhmer is that after his service as commander of FAA 213 is that he possible had an connection to the Marine Air Force like coordinator between the Army Air Force and the Marine Air Force. It is only based on that when he received the Hohenzollern award late 1917 (dont knew award date) that he is mentioned in an Marine source... but this is only speculation. Gunnar
  10. Hi Rob I do not have a complete service record for Hptm Ernst Böhmer (O). Born 29.06.1885 in Berlin. Military service within FAR 46 and Lehr Reg Fa.SchSch. He joined FFA 11 when the War started and served there until summer 1915. Then he became the leader of the FlgSch at Jüterbog "until" he took command of FAA 213. After FAA 213 I loose the track of him, but he might have ended up as commander of FAA 284 in the later part of 1918. Some awards: PKrO4 PHOvH3mSchw EK1 PV PFlE WF3bmSchw MK2 Gunnar
  11. Hi Rob I have that Irminbert was the leader of "old" KG 3/13 in the autumn of 1916 so they did not share airfield with FAA 213. I do not have exact dates, thats the reason for the question about his file in Dresden. He do have an file in Freiburg but that file basically dont contain any WW1 Gunnar
  12. Hi Walfisch I do think you can safely write that Irminbert was the commander of FAA 213 from 16.01.1917 until 17.01.1918. The other names you have there were "only" stvs while Irminbert was away some times. Before that he had apparently served within the Saxon FFA 29 during 1915 and later in 1916 in two Kastas within KG 3, the later which he lead. When he left FAA 213 he did become some sort of Überwachungs Offizier for Fliegerwaffen attached to AFP 4. He might have ended up the War in this position. After Irminbert, Hptm Plaeschke took over the command of FAA 213 and he rather certain led the unit until demobilization. Like Irminbert he was "away" much, so Usbek and Vissing and some others were only stvs(Vissing also trained to become a leader here) Btw, have anyone checked any of these files in Dresden ? I am interested if they might have KRLs or similar documents. Gunnar
  13. Hi Matt He later became General der Polizei so maybe one of the books regarding "Generalen" have award info ? Gunnar
  14. Walfish, I was afraid you would ask that question Anyway it will take a while to explain. I will try to make it shortly if possible. In this case I have the information from Tagesbefehle Kofl 4. Yes it very common with a time limit between kommendiert to a unit and versetz to a unit. Versetz is basically not good in a historic perspective but if you dont have the kommendiert date you have to use it. I always* use the kommendiert date if I have that info. Often but far away always it took two too three weeks between being kommendiert and versetz to a unit. For officers the time was generally shorter. It actually exists example of flyers who could have served up too six months before actually being versetz but such things are most of academic value. One problem with the kommendiert date is that it is not always is the date when a flyer actually joined the unit, normally it is like plus two Days and minus two Days. That because of kommendiert dates are based on orders, so if you have a flyer in a home land unit it normally took normally days extra, it could also include a few Days of vacation etc. *if you have an KTB, personal diary which says that X arrived on a certain date it is often the best source. Gunnar
  15. Hi Little add on, his time in FAA 213 was rather short. He was versetz to the unit on 30.05.1918 which means that he probably joined the unit earlier in May 1918(I am missing some weeks there regarding transfers). Gunnar