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  1. Are these actually the same medals as in the photo? They look different to me, especially how ribbons are folded and how medals are attached. Note Civil Merit medal - you can clearly can see ring between the medal and the ribbon, while actual medal sits higher and ring is covered between the ribbon folds. Also, the medals in the photo seem to be held together by some device, while actual medal are bunch of loose ones.
  2. Here's another suspect. One can't be 100% sure without holding the award in his hands, however low quality of this cross and lack of details makes me very concerned. Look at the details of the swords and areas under red enamel - I've never such poor details, normally details are very crisp. Crown could be OK though, at least from the pics quality seems to be as usual.
  3. This St Alexander 1st class cross I posted couple days ago was reported by another collector. It turned out to be a 'constructor', or an attempt to upgrade from 3rd class. Center piece with red enamel on front was fake, just like Graf reported in earlier posts. Red enamel was soft one. Fairly simple upgrade and faker offers an award which sells for double of what 3rd class sells. Furthermore, that collector also reported that the base of the cross was complete fabrication: 'The whole cross part (enamel and base/arms) is fake, the crown is good, the swords addition is fake too, very well done though! The enamel is cold, but unfortunately crappy pics don't tell you that'. This is scary that fakers can make such good looking cross!!! You have to hold it in your hand to determine it's not good! The seller of this fake cross was 'riaerica2000' on eBay, so beware!
  4. Here's another candidate for discussion. Sold on eBay couple years ago. What do you think?
  5. eBay is not going to do anything. Let's hope we alert as many collectors as we can here, that's the best we can do.
  6. What's up with the symbols of current Republic of Serbia? Royal crown and lilies on the coat of arms, crowns on the awards? There's no monarchy, do these royal items really belong to the state seal/awards?
  7. 1st class star sold for $1,300 2nd class - for $900
  8. The engraving is very suspect and my gut feeling is that it was added recently. If the rest of the award was fine I would consider inscription genuine, but giving the number of alterations on this star I have my doubts...
  9. That site is maintained by the one of the forum members and was discussed here:
  10. Interesting how Bradley's name is crossed off the document. Is there second page to this document?
  11. This is actually great price for Pavlov's book! I would get it for myself if I didn't have 2 copies already.
  12. Richard, The photo you are showing looks like some sort of a sample, I've never seen any sets with the silvered flag.
  13. That central portion is what's left of the award after it was recycled for sterling silver metal.