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  1. Igor, Thank you for the photos, but these are for Military Merit order and there were no questions that it had tsar crown from the inception (before 1908).
  2. Interesting photo, another example that shows that Civil Merit orders were awarded with Tsar crown before 1908.
  3. I'll have to look at my star with swords, in the meantime here's correct one from dealer listing. As you can see, the swords are as they should be and there's a rivet attaching them to the star.
  4. IMHO the star is not legit. It is real star, however the swords and how they are attached don't look right to me. Most likely swords were added later. This type with swords on top is very rare and would cost significantly more compared to common plain stars, so economically it makes sense to buy swords, attach them to the star and double your money.
  5. that's correct, making hard enamel is elaborate process and most fakers can't do it. Checking enamel should be first thing you do when considering awards.
  6. I recall we already discussed this one, with fake engraving and serial (?) number.
  7. I talked to the seller and informed him that the star is fake, told him about soft enamels. He still insists it's original and unfortunately is still for sale...
  8. Pilot badge look very suspect, they both have gray substance on the reverse instead of clean smooth finish of real badges. real badge for comparison
  9. I completely forgot about this star we discussed earlier! Engraving is certainly done by the same person, it's identical style and font. Stamped numbers look the same, they are almost consecutive and are off by only 4 digits (1140 vs 1144). Problem is that we had some major concerns about legitimacy of Mil Merit star, which puts this St Alexander star in question as well.
  10. Take a look at this star 1st class with swords. The star itself looks legitimate (despite some enamel damage), however engravings and stamps on the back are very unusual. Engraving suggests German connection (German recipient?). Stamped numbers could be inventory numbers from a museum... What do you think?
  11. Hussar uniform he's wearing in this photo was recently for sale:
  12. This set is till for sale, it appears interest in modern Bulgarian awards is just too low.
  13. Highly decorated Soviet Admiral Holostyakov, wearing two Bulgarian transitional Republican period awards: 1. Order of Military Merit 2nd class with war distinction (cross on the left and star on the right side), 2. Order of Military Merit 3rd class (cross on the left side).
  14. Pilot badge miniature