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  1. David Seinfeld ...He has to be related to Jerry Seinfeld from famous TV show!
  2. lucky you! I am looking to get this book, but never saw it for sale.
  3. Nice groups! Interesting that British officer from the last link was awarded Communist Albanian order!
  4. Simeon is a character with very questionable motives. Why do you think he ran for the Prime Minister post? One of the main reasons was access to land and property in Bulgaria. While he was a PM in Bulgaria laws were passed which allowed him personally and his relatives to acquire huge number of properties from Bulgarian state. We are talking about thousands acres of land, forests, palaces, buildings and other property. Some of the property was taken by Simeon under false claims, because it never belonged to the Royal family. After he left office lawsuits were filed and large amount of properties were transferred back to the state, including 450 acres of land and three palaces. Old clothes and medals of his grandfather are nothing compared to this massive wealth grab!
  5. In the meantime - Bulgaria’s Former King and PM Simeon II Celebrates his 80th Birthday Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Bulgaria’s former Prime Minister and ex king celebrates his 80th birthday on 16th of June. Thanksgiving service was held in St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia. Later in Vrana Palace, Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha will welcome guests from all corners of Europe, members of Royal families, Bulgarian statesmen and politicians, reported BNT. The church service was attended by nearly all members of his family, including his wife Margarita, his sister Maria-Luisa, and members of the royal families of Spain, Romania, Serbia, Albania, were present. The thankgiving service was led by His Holiness Patriarch Neophyte in a ministry of Metropolitans of the Holy Synod. After the prayer Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was greeted by of citizens. Members of the former parliamentary group of the Bulgarian National Movement Simeon II, to which Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha was a leader, and ministers from his government which was in office from 2001 – 2005, will also join the celebrations. All his children and grandchildren came to Bulgaria to celebrate with him the happy occasion.
  6. Yes, I own this book and can confirm - the book is very good! There's similar book on Bravery order.
  7. 1941 version of Bravery Order 4th class 2nd grade to a German General. A decorations grouping, from the legacy of Staff Physician General Dr. Hans Schmidt-Hofmann, Staff Physician General Army Group.
  8. Wow, the cross looks so big in the photo!
  9. Is there a photo of Ferdinand wearing this award?
  10. Nice award, Type 1, civil division. Looks fine to me.
  11. German bar with Merit medal in gold
  12. A Bulgarian Soldier Cross of Bravery 3rd Class & Letter to 27 Fighter Wing Award letter states that the Jagdgeschwader (Fighter Wing) 27 presents the Bulgarian Soldier Cross of Bravery 3rd Class to Inspector Fritz Ristow. The letter has been sent on January 26, 1943 and received by the 1st Battalion of the Luftgau Signals Regiment 2 on January 30. The document is signed by a Senior Lieutenant and Deputy Adjutant, the name is indecipherable.
  13. We will never know it those had real diamonds. Value of this awards is not with diamonds, it's extremely rare by itself. The farce would have been discovered much earlier if potential buyer checked these fakes against photos of known examples. I don't think these were ever sold. Any serious buyer would perform due diligence before committing so much money to the purchase.
  14. Problem 3. 2nd class set was sold as Grand Cross Dealer was advertising this as Grand Cross, while this is 2nd class of the award. 1. Star is from 2nd class - there's no flat streamer with spiky edge around the center. 2. Size of the cross, from the listing we learn that 'Cross, in silver gilt and enamels, 50.0mm'. That's the size of 2nd class cross, Grand Cross if larger. 3. No size of provided for the star. I think this is intentionally withheld, as it would have been obvious by the smaller star that this is lower class set. Despite above three points dealer puts this set on a sash ribbon (should have been on a neck ribbon) and sells it for the price of a Grand Cross - $5900 (obviously much higher that he would have been asking and getting for 2nd class set). This set is currently marked as SOLD on dealer's web site. Someone bought it with above mentioned issues and mis-advertised as Grand Cross. Someone paid too much...