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  1. Seller of these supposedly Rothe stars is based in Austria, which could mean something if these awards were manufactured post-war. One factor in favor of this theory is lack of proper F Rothe stamps, as finished awards were all endorsed with such stamps. One of the main mysteries are enamels. Enamels on these awards seem to be real hard baked type enamel, which are extremely difficult to replicate. It's possible though that someone found supply of already made parts (center of the star) with enamels already applied, but never assembled.
  2. Last one looks like medal for the Election of King Peter I.
  3. Thank you! In post #69 Graf said "Notice the Swords they are mounted upside down" - that's exactly what we see in the 2nd photo you posted. It seems to be identical star to the one in the Romanoff's book.
  4. What kind of cross goes with this star?
  5. Title appears to be written, not stamped. I think initially there was no title on the case. It's made by Rothe.
  6. Knyaz period box for 2nd class with swords above Knyaz period 5th class. It appears name of the order is handwritten.
  7. Igor, I don't think it means white cross on the neck without a star is 100% 3rd class. Look at this photo of General Kisov - he's wearing white cross only, which is from his 2nd class set. The photo is from 1930s (he became General Lieutenant in 1930). Next earlier photo is of him wearing the same white neck cross, this time star is present. Finally, photo of him wearing his green 3rd class cross, before being awarded with 2nd class set. The point I am trying to make - people wore 2nd classes with and without the star, it's not that easy to determine which class a person is wearing. We can't say just by looking at the photos - white cross, no star - certainly 3rd class.
  8. Graf, This type of St Alexander star existed, Dimitri Romanoff has some examples in his book and states these were issued before Ferdinand period. Here are some photos of similar stars from the book, second star is practically the same star except the swords.
  9. Unusual star of St Alexander - rays have diamond cut finish instead of being smooth. Seller says it's 90 mm, which is 1st class size. No maker's marks. Any opinions on what this star is?
  10. Professor Petko Pavlov passed away. He was well known scientist, awards enthusiast and researcher. Many of you know him as author of the most complete and famous catalog on Bulgarian awards (1st and 2nd editions): Besides this collector's bible, he also authored other books on Bulgarian awards and badges. His work contributed greatly to research, categorization and popularization of Bulgarian Royal and Communist period awards. He was frequently mentioned in the posts on this forum. This is really sad news, he was great historian, true to his values, committed to his family, and an example of integrity for all and we always felt a deep sense of respect for him. Our sincerest condolences to the Pavlov family and friends during this difficult time, our hearts and prayers are with them. He will be truly missed. His authographed books
  11. sold for $3420 ($2851 sale price + 20% buyer premium)
  12. Igor, Thank you for the photos, but these are for Military Merit order and there were no questions that it had tsar crown from the inception (before 1908).
  13. Interesting photo, another example that shows that Civil Merit orders were awarded with Tsar crown before 1908.
  14. I'll have to look at my star with swords, in the meantime here's correct one from dealer listing. As you can see, the swords are as they should be and there's a rivet attaching them to the star.
  15. IMHO the star is not legit. It is real star, however the swords and how they are attached don't look right to me. Most likely swords were added later. This type with swords on top is very rare and would cost significantly more compared to common plain stars, so economically it makes sense to buy swords, attach them to the star and double your money.