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  1. Just found this VC. Can anybody elaborate on what exactly this is?
  2. medalnet

    The Agricultural Merit Order 1913

    Absolutely! Go ahead.
  3. medalnet

    The Agricultural Merit Order 1913

    that is the one I compared my second class, too.
  4. I like to disagree. In 1957 the reborn Germany passed a law allowing the wear of formerly awarded decorations again. Several companies started making the new decorations again. Most are bronze gilt. You may be able to find catalogs from that time showing accurate pictures of those awards. Of course the Pour le Merite and all higher bravery decorations were part of this, just like the St. Henry.
  5. medalnet

    The Agricultural Merit Order 1913

    Dear Paul, I have been trying to remember this book title and just drew a blank. It took me years to finally get into the Hillwood museum to have those extremely nice folks there removing the 1st class badge from its public display and to compare them side by side. Thanks so much for adding this in order to complete the first online record for the collecting community. Andreas
  6. medalnet

    The Agricultural Merit Order 1913

    Could you post the pages here?
  7. For those interested in imperial Russian order decorations, I just updated my web page and published some information on the rare Agricultural Merit Order at: http://www.medalnet.net/agricultural_merit_russia.htm
  8. Looks like less then 30 total awarded, but all in form of the first type. It was now confirmed that only one was awarded in 1912. More here: http://www.omsa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=502
  9. Here the story on the Albert Order with swords on ring. Any decoration with swords on ring is super rare! http://www.medalnet.net/Albert_swords_on_ring.htm