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  1. Wearing a GMIC members pin is the way forward at shows, at least we can identify a fellow member and at least say hello !
  2. Nick


    Boris There is some fantastic work there. I think this should be placed in a better format than this thread to give it better coverage. Something similar to the Rick ribbon bar article would be good. Nick
  3. Alex That last set of photos is quite chilling as it humanises them. The most infamous and brutally murderous men of the 20th Century having an informal gathering.
  4. Here are the long awaited results for the photo competition. My congratulations to all the winners, as well as a thank you to all members who took the time to enter the competition. I would also like to give a big thanks to Peter and his judges who spend time and effort deliberating over all the entries, which I know is a time consuming task. Above all a special thank you goes to Mervyn, who without his drive and contribution none of this would happen. PHOTO CONTEST RESULTS: Chairmans Award to: mmerc20 Sinking in the Desert CATEGORY 1 - PERSONAL COLLECTION Chris B Sepia 3 Stoo
  5. I know there is SO much historically wrong with this series, but I still think its great entertainment. Anyone else been watching the second series ?
  6. Alan I will add this to Rick's device database as it deserves a mention.
  7. I would be happy to format it for you within the articles section, you could do a separate article for each display item as you have done on the display. You could also post it as a PDF within this topic. I used to regularly go to the OMRS but haven't been for a few years now.
  8. The 2013 Photography Competition is starting. Entries can be submitted from today. The categories have changed from last year to allow for greater flexibility. This is a competition with some great prizes. Show imagination composition and, most importantly look for the different angle or approach to the subject. Where the entry calls for a brief description to accompany the photo make it brief and concise. Categories Category 1 From your personal collections: For this year we are allowing non-militaria subjects matter but use our GMIC non-militaria forum as a guide to suitable subject
  9. No doubt many of you are aware of the tragic news that Rick (Research) Lundström who only recently was able to rejoin us at GMIC, was killed yesterday,17th September 2013 in a road traffic collision. Rick had been a member of GMIC since 2005 and proudly passed his 20,000 post mark only last week. It is too early to pay him full honours at a time when many of us are in shock at this tragic news and are mourning the loss of a friend, who is simply irreplaceable in the world of military research and collecting. But I assure you that Rick who has played such a significant part at GMIC will
  10. Antonio do you have an English speaking version of this file ?
  11. A new mid year competition is now up and running. There are some really great prizes for the winning entries including the prizes shown. For further details on how to enter the competition go here
  12. I have usually found copy Golden jubilees to be over defined especially the ermin collar of her robes which stand out and feel noticeable if you rub your finger over them.
  13. I think the easiest thing to do here is to start a helmet database with pictures supported by a topic. I will set one up.
  14. Another fascinating group. Is there much information, if any released on the service records of Palestine Police officers or is it still out of the public domain ?
  15. Peter Fantastic collection of Palestine Police Medals, what were his actions for the gallantry award and clasp?
  16. The men's bodies were repatriated in the mid seventies and given a state Israeli military funeral and regarded as heroic freedom fighters. Britain lodged formal objection but this was unsurprisingly disregarded. As is often the case in history, particularly British history, one sides murderers and terrorists are later regarded as freedom fighters and heros in the struggle for independence from the yoke of British Imperialism. Palenstine was a poisoned chalace for the British, a mandate given to administer a region which was and still is in conflict. These are really a great and historical
  17. Also don't forget Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police. Police officer Sean Collier was also tragically murdered by them.
  18. Bernard fascinating account thanks, looking forward to some more !
  19. Best of the bunch: http://www.london-medals.co.uk
  20. Marco Perhaps you would like to give us some details of your grandfather, any photos or award documents perhaps ?
  21. Nick

    Great loss...

    I agree my sincere condolences from all of us at GMIC.
  22. Nick

    Iron Cross Help !

    I have sent you a PM with regards reposting this in the appropriate forum. Are you looking at starting to collect Iron crosses or are you looking at replacing awards which your grandfather was entitled to ?
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