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  1. so had this order for ages(dont even remeber where i got it!) just want to know if its ok as i am looking to move it on to make some room for another research project i have!would these be hard to come by as i cant even find any pics of them!!the only mark on the back is"silver",from wikipedia im told its for 15 years long service order to other ranks!any help would be great!!thanks
  2. Great pic and good article! Sad to say many many silver medals even now are being melted! Sad but very true though what is interesting is iv seen a few pawn shops now starting to sell them on ebay as they have figured they can get more for them then the silver value so thats a good sign at least!
  3. I wonder did he maybe die in the uk before getting to fight and thats why there is no mic etc?
  4. There's the london gazette but you have to see who was awarded the Ottoman Medjidje Order and the OBE who was also in the boar war and ww1 it would be a huge job with no guarantee youl get it down to one name! Also the london gazette is a PAIN to use!!!
  5. Very nice medal and as the other medals would be unnamed you could easily get the full set together and have a GREAT display! Is it in your collection?
  6. Nice mini set but sadly it unlikely youl get a name though I'd love to proven wrong! !!
  7. so looks like Albert Frederick Victor Libberton was born on in fulham in london on 1896 and died in blackburn in 1959! heres his probate!also no service papers survived sadly!
  8. Ha I wish! No no lottery ticket just blind luck! To be honest with the Internet reunites are alot more common these days then you think!!!!
  9. Reunites do happen! In 4 years of collecting British medals iv got 3, one for a family whose meritorious service medal went missing in the 30s a victory medal to ramc captain that took me 2 and a half years of mailing the person who had the vic medal and just recently a south African merit service star to a south African police detective major so the best bet is keep looking as it probably will turn up in the end! Nice set though!
  10. Have to agree it doesnt look original but as the title says some people have more money than sense!!!!
  11. and here another one!!! http://www.ebay.ie/itm/331237787450?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  12. no theres a MIC for this group so the medals at least arent south african!
  13. no problem glad to help!and gerry send me his name and il take a look for you!
  14. and i highly suspect this is the same person!! http://natlib.govt.nz/records/22862706?search[subject]=Riddiford%2C+Daniel+Henry+Strother%2C+1883-1971&search[path]=items
  15. his 2nd Lt probation entry https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/29368/page/11333 his 2nd Lt confirmation entry https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/29558/page/4198 his Lt confirmation entry! https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/29820/supplement/10943 MC confirmation entry https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/30431/supplement/13184 relinquishes his rank entry https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/32194/supplement/441 coming off the officers reserve list entry https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/33922/page/1860
  16. heres Lt Riddifords medal index card and his citation for the MC and the link to the gazette entry https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/30645/supplement/4878
  17. Here you go! http://mcgillremembers.mcgill.ca/ww1/stories/scrimger.html think his VC was recently donated to a museum!
  18. and heres another auction! crazy crazy!iv a VC and DSO ribbon bar(no providence!!), i reckon i might put it up and see what it goes for!!!!! http://www.ebay.ie/itm/390832062644?ssPageName=STRK:MEDWX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1435.l2649
  19. i saw that mike and well that im not suprized!it had at least provence with it!the other auction nothing!would i have bid if i had the money?no dont think i would!still nice though!
  20. True but look at his description!he says it "may" be to vc winner such and such!nothing else no providence just him saying it is and still it went for a crazy price!
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