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  1. Nice collection I used to collect Victorian campaign medals. I want to make a display for them some day
  2. Very close examination and the collar tabs are the only tabs ever to be sewn on. It appears the same threads used sewing the collar was used for the tabs. The shoulder board appear originally applied as well and the insignia look very nice and toned in hand. I do see where some buttons have been re-sewn and the interior have one sleeve lining missing but the rest of the tunic is very nice and high quality.
  3. Yeah, I agree with that. The inside of the front is lined in red which I think is typical for generals It’s very attractive but wonder how one sleeve liner could be missing/removed https://www.emedals.com/germany-imperial-an-imperial-army-generalmajor-major-general-tunic
  4. https://www.emedals.com/germany-imperial-an-imperial-army-generalmajor-major-general-tunic
  5. This is interesting to me.... I’ve never seen litzen on a Litewka or Kleiner Rock Another seen in the same week.
  6. When is garde litzen okay to wear on Litewka or Kleiner Rock?
  7. Thank you I always enjoy learning about support units.
  8. Hello, heres a a very interesting example of a simplified tunic from around 1915 train branch
  9. I’m still confused but grateful for the contribution and effort to explain.
  10. I’m looking for literature in English that explains the rank Generaloberst mdR GFM. Why not just promote the person to Generalfeldmarshall?
  11. It’s not an original. Hopefully you are successful getting a refund. If you used a cc you can dispute the purchase. Theres probably little channce the seller really thought it to be real
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