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  1. Shoulder boards of GeneralLt Wilhelm von Hohezollern Füsilier-Regiment „Fürst Karl-Anton von Hohenzollern“ (Hohenzollernsches) Nr. 40 Regimentschef General der Infanterie Fürth Wilhelm von Hohenzollern
  2. Very nice... would look great in a framed display
  3. Wow, that’s a superb medal bar. I have a SMKFVM and have been looking for a similar bar for display. thanks for sharing.
  4. I’ve been searching about for information on the Hohenzollern princes and noticed Karl has many orders with swords and no Iron Cross so I wonder what combat he saw prior to WW1. Was he in Africa? Then a WW1 shot 1915 or later. I think he was a GeneralLt. I can’t tell if he is wearing boards with Regiments he was “a la suite” or plain general boards
  5. It’s definitely a lovely well crafted decoration. Even though not original it’s still nice enough for display. Im not too interested in this type of decoration but it’s still very nice.
  6. I just realized I have this CD somewhere in collection but haven’t seen it since I moved. I need to find it and transfer to a flash drive. I only have one laptop left with a CD rom as I recall, it’s very helpful
  7. Thanks, I have two other ribbon bars of this man with the Hindenburg Cross. Can anyone tell me more of what these wartime assignments? Here’s another ribbon bar. It’s named to Reinhard Thaler, 1871-1938; 1914 Captain Telegraphen Btl 6 0000-0000 Commander of the Signal Troops at Great Headquarter of the German Army would like more details. I wonder if he was awarded any Prussian orders in WW1.
  8. Is the second image one bar or two? It looks like one but the offset between the 3rd and 4th make me ask.
  9. Here’s a photo of several of my ribbon bars. The top is a 16 place shared before of an OberstLt A few more are ID’d but I can’t find the file on my PC.
  10. I agree, I study of reproduction orders and decorations would be great.post war wearing copies, museum replicas, fakes, etc.
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