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  1. That’s probably the best wartime display I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love the coat...
  2. This forum is lacking participation in a bad way.... is it... a. Lack of interest b. Lack of good content c. Me
  3. Thanks for posting the advertisement- I don’t really understand why many Litewka and Kleiner Rock dont have matching boards. Many I’ve examined look like the boards are sewn in very nicely and look original. Sometimes I see obvious replacement so mostly assume those are tampered with but not sure why. I don’t think changing the boards coupd ever make the tunic more expensive or desirable. As for the aviation one I posted, it looks very nice to me and the boards look original as do the collar tabs. So, was it always aviation or was it once cavalry or Train? Who knows..... I li
  4. Another with shoulder boards that don’t have matching or double underlay
  5. I’ll look but think ribbon is Mecklenburg The shoulder board underlay color is near cornflower blue
  6. Me too.... I love it but I’d never be able to complete the setup with decorations, aiguillette, belt, etc.
  7. Hello, I came across this interesting Kleiner Rock and thought I’d post. It have gray collar tabs, silver buttons, and Officer boards that have a blue background, not gray.
  8. Hello fellas, I came across this Kleiner rock that has dove gray tabs but darker blue underlay on the shoulder boards.
  9. Chris, are you hoping to find original bar close to what’s needed or build a reproduction bar?
  10. Nice litewka- Dave, was thinking you may have given up on collecting for another hobby.... Charles
  11. The tunic looks nice from what I can see. We’d all like to see the reverse side, inside, sleeves, cuffs. The cap has enlisted man’s cockades.
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