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  1. I can’t imagine how long it took to make the insignia for a uniform in those days. Beautiful embroidery...
  2. I think the officer was transferred to from Guard unit to a unit vested wartime
  3. https://www.emedals.com/europe/greece/orders/order-of-the-redeemer/order-of-redeemer-a-commander-in-gold-eu3807#lg=1&slide=2
  4. Ok, it looks like he may be wearing the Greek Order Commander in the photo. I wasn’t aware of this episode in history
  5. Superb I on the uniform of General Pohlmann and a photograph. I’d love to see if colorized one day. I haven’t been able to find a ribbonbar that matches his awards. Prussian Red Eagle Order 4th Class Prussian Order of the Crown 3rd Class 25-Year Service Cross Officer Honor Cross Schaumburg-Lippe House Order Order of the Romanian Crown, Commander Class Order of the Siamese Crown, Commander Class EK2, EK1 Prussian Crown Order 2 with swords Pour le Merite  Ernestine House Order commander with swords Schwarzburg Honor Cross 1st class with crown and swords And more according to the ribbon bad in the photo
  6. I think the tunic is a field gray 1915 Friedensrock of Infantry with red collar but not certain it’s Infantry I don’t recall what units he was a la Suite but I think an Infantry and cavalry regiment
  7. Absolutely wonderful colorized image, especially after the change to the green collar and cuff. I hope you show more colorized photos I’m sure it’s General Herzog Robert von Wurttemberg in the German officer’s uniform with medals mounted in tri-fold fashion
  8. It looks like he may have red piped shoulder boards. What regiment did he originate?
  9. I see one field grade officer, two junior grade officers, and an enlisted man of the Australian-Hungarian military. I guess it would make since due to the location... may any of the Germans have A-H aviation badges. I often wonder how many A-H aviators were awarded and wore German Aviation badges. all the photos posted are superb quality for the study of uniforms, insignia, and medals. Dave Danner always amazes me with his vast knowledge and resource material.
  10. I think it’s more complicated than only posting what you “own” some photos are in the public domain, some have been duplicated for sale, some are copyright. Some people give permission for the use of their images, others don’t. As TrooperD satiated, it would be a poor image site otherwise.
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