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  1. Hi all, I've been studying Von Koesters award list, a seemingly comprehensive list is here, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_von_Koester looking at the attached images, there is one which I can't identify from this list, any ideas as to what it, (they) may be? is it one medal with embellishments between the arms, or a more plain cross, possibly with a crown suspension, sitting over another unknown decoration, any help, as usual much appreciated The star is an example of the Order of the Black Eagle with Brilliants regards Alex K
  2. H thanks for confirming my thoughts that his was an enamelled version regards Alex K
  3. Hi Thanks for the additional information, looks correct based on these regards Alex
  4. Some interesting images of his decorations here http://bulgariandecorations.com/more/royal_collection any ideas, thanks
  5. Interesting, I've located a picture which I think is the award, one question, the attached is un-enamelled, the above picture looks like his version is enamelled, is that likely or is it a trick of the light on the picture of him?
  6. Hi Thanks for the additional info on the last three, always useful to know so I can add them to my database, regards edit, amazing, well done, different ribbon though? (credit Vicmart)
  7. This mage posted earlier, yet another medal bar, is the medal indicated a reasonable assumption, many European Royalty received one, I've not seen it mentioned anywhere, good thread btw Alex K
  8. Hi all, another request for medal Identification, Kriegsmarine Admiral Schmidt, The last medal on the bar, it is suspended from a crown and cypher, not unlike the Danish Order of Dannebrog, but a medal not cross, the obverse seems to show 1 or 2 people facing right, could be wrong on that however. any help appreciated regards Alex K
  9. Hi Larry another very nice one With regards to background colour I tend to agree, many of my "Portraits" I choose a blue/grey/green-ish background, it's neutral but can be "tweeked" a little to add interest at times
  10. Glad you like them, a few more, around the Crimean war, a few French included http://mashable.com/2016/01/06/crimean-war/#Z52jowPW6uqw
  11. Hi all, just for those interested, I came upon this site which I found interesting, images of Napoleon vets in their original Uniforms. very interesting http://mashable.com/2014/10/27/napoleonic-wars-veterans/#3wawo94uOEqU
  12. Hi Larry really fine work as usual, regards Alex Just to keep the ball rolling a while longer One that's a little bit different, I'm 99% sure I've got the decorations correct
  13. Hi Thanks for your comments ref. Immelmann, I do like to be as accurate as possible, I do make some mistakes, so based on your comments
  14. Hi, thanks, I did this for a member of someone's family member, I was told which service branch he was in. regards Yes I was aware of it being Prince Adalbert, attached a few more members of his immediate family, I've yet to add Prince Eitel and the Empress, (They are not real postcards!), Got their Grandad and a few Uncles somewhere I think
  15. Nice to see new postings in the thread, one I've dug out quite interesting for me, taken in Southern Austria WW1 Ice Tunnel regards Alex K
  16. Hi Simon, thanks for the extensive quantity of information, so it's one of the many in the Ashcroft collection, should have guessed he would have it regards and thanks Alex K
  17. Hi all, I'm doing a bit of research into VC recipients and came across this image, does anyone know who he is and the actions that resulted in the award of the VC, as usual any help much appreciated regards Alex K
  18. Hi Yes it's genuine, these are my examples, the most difficult and expensive one to collect is the Aircrew Europe star, (Far right, top row), this is heavily faked, (some quite good), the latest addition is the Arctic star, bottom row, second left, this I suspect is a wearers copy, but possibly useful for display purposes regards Alex K
  19. Yes great research, amazing how quickly information can be brought together, I will now note his name on my copy of the image. Thanks all
  20. Hi Andy, no other info but it does seem fairly common to wear on the left side, some images from a colonial uniforms website, and a British Victorian uniform
  21. Hi Guys, thanks for the tips, Romanian order of the star actually begins to seem like a good possibility looking at it now, (I had my Imperial German state hat on) regards
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