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  1. Nice one chaps. Sorry for the delay in replying, but I'm spending more and more time away at the mo. Whats the rarest, and is it mine? Regards, John.
  2. Fascinating posts guys. I am a complete amateur on this , but still find it very interesting. I have a couple of FJ 'bits', ie FJ lid (Normandy Cam), Gravity knife, a couple of badges etc., which maybe I could put on... Paddy, you sure you didn't serve in WW2 FJ??!! Regards, John
  3. I couldn't EVER enjoy this badge, without at least a photograph of the recipient wearing it. Certainly not at that price. The thing could have been any time in the last 60 years!! Sorry guys, regards, John
  4. Nice ! Worth a fortune to one and nothing to another!!!! What did it go for in the end? Cheers, John
  5. How many types / makers of garvity knives were there, please? Cheers, John
  6. Nice....!! How much did it cost you? I hope you don't think I'm being cheeky... It IS a nice one... Regards, John
  7. I do like to see our veterans honoured. We don't do enough in UK for ours. Nice Pics Regards, John
  8. Interesting topic. The RN had a ferocious discipline system, and I'm surprised to see how far up the chain it went. I think 'Keel Hauling' was about the most horrific. Regards, John
  9. It would have been no match for a sherman!!
  10. Probably works alot better, now that its been de-activated!!! What a waste of money...
  11. Hi Mike, Interesting and unusual post! Where were these chaps recruited from? Were they policemen, civilians or soldiers? Ans what happened to them at the end of the war? Regards, John
  12. The spike is marked , " R,B,NR." and underneath it "0/0561/0019". Does anyone know who the maker is? Thanks, John.
  13. Interesting, I also recall that the drop containers were cylindrical in shape. Nice piece !! How much did you pay for it? Regards, John
  14. I think it would have been section/squad allocation and markings for that particular unit. In thise days, most equipment that paratroopers used was collected on the drop zone, often with a different coloured parachute to identify its package. Regards, John.
  15. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed the info. I'm so pleased to finally get one. And Kev, I would like to see some nice pictures of your Italian Fighting Knife. Those don't do it justice... Regards, John
  16. Hi, No, no 'Schinkle', I'm afraid. I will take some more pics of the reverse of the Memel, tomorrow, when I finish work. Regards, John
  17. Hi all. I have just started to get interested in some of the German groups. I bought this, group, EK2, Eastern Front, Flower War 22 marz 1939 & 1 oktober 1938. I was wondering what units would have got this combination. Any takers? Regards, John.
  18. Hi all, I bought this a few days ago, for ?130 ($250 ish). My first and only one! It came from a friend who bought it off a guy at work, who in turn was given it by his Grandfather, who had brought it back from WW2. I will find out the unit when he goes back to work. Unfortunately, the blade is well worn down as it had been used in the garden for 50 years! I selfishly (silently) cursed the old boy, but then, he earned it, so therefore he's entitled to do with it what he wished. The blade is detachable, but I'm not too sure what the spike is for. Also marked on the spike
  19. Hi, I'm not an expert... Not sure about the liner & chin strap... looks like they were made last week. All looks too new for me. I do hope that I'm wrong!!! Regards, John
  20. Interesting point of view. One thing I was thinking, was that he may, like many other Germans, have gone to the US after the war? Or would he have left the 'LW' of that time in disgust? One thing , though, I would have been surprised if he had become a Nazi... Regards, John
  21. Hi Stephen, Indeed, that I don't doubt! However, had he survived the War, I wonder what would have become of him, and what would his role(if any) have been in the run up to and during WW2? He was an aristocrat, and so what he have thought about the Third Reich? John
  22. True, but for me, it still disapointed a bit. Perhaps it was a misconception that most of his kills were in dogfights... regards, John
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