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  1. I have updated the pictures of my collection and would like to share them with you---
  2. makers marks, If you would like a overall picture let me know and I will take one. [attachmentid=20531]
  3. Thanks Dave, Here is a closer look, [attachmentid=20530]
  4. That is a Model#1 Ek commando knife. Made by John Ek. John Ek was one of the leading private purchase knife makers ( in the US ) during ww2. and continuing up through Vietnam. There is a good story about him and his knives in Robert Buerlein's book. "Allied military fighting knives" This particular one is a Vietnam era one that was carried by a captain ine the SF in Nam. It was returned to EK to be replaced by one with a crossguard. This was purchased directly from the son of John Ek. The blades starting at the top with the Heer dagger and going clockwise are. Heer Dagger-F.W.Holler SA dagger-RZM m.7/62/38. Gerber- MK 2 ( Vietnam era) Camillus--MK 2 F-S Randall--Model 14 (Vietnam era ) Case--V44 (ww2) F-S F-S F-S Kennedy Arms--(ww2) Very rare one of only 6 I have ever seen F-S 1918 Trench knife--L.F.& C. Camillus--M3 ( 1943) Ek commando--Model #1 (1967)
  5. Hi Dan, That's a beauty. Not a Godet but still a beautifull cross.
  6. I don't have a non-com bars but I do have these loose Non-combat pieces. ( Stogie, you might recognise the minis ) [attachmentid=20080]
  7. Please look here---http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=3993
  8. Here is one of mine. Pillow back AWS with cruciform backplate and double screwposts. Enjoy. [attachmentid=19839]
  9. Part of my small collection. Mainly allied fighting knives with some daggers and bayos mixed in.[attachmentid=19522]
  10. And here is a 3/4 size EK2. Standard 3 piece construction with a 20mm ribbon. Please not that it does not have the small crown and corner beading is completely different than the one showen as possible fakes.[attachmentid=19471]
  11. I know I am alittle late to this discussion. But Here is a cross a would like to put up for your approval. (sorry for the spelling) This is a 1914 EK1 screwback. It is one piece with an enameled core. it is roughly 22mm x 22mm. Would you consider it a 1/2 sized prinzen or a BIG mini? [attachmentid=19470]
  12. Gordon, That is truely a unique cross and I would love to see a close up of the Red Eagle. The detail looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. Here is my example of a 1813. Detlev estimated it to be a 1815 issue piece. Greg[attachmentid=19149]
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