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  1. Well, he does say "Das Original ist viel besser als die Fotos" (no reference to which original...)... 🤪
  2. Well, provided the story is true... I think proper repair requires all of the blue enamel to be stripped off, thus diminishing its historical value...
  3. The Danish Order of the Elephant. I believe the Queen has 2 versions - during a state visit from Britain a few years ago she contemplated wearing one of them, but gave up the idea due to the small enamel damage on both stars. (Photo: Jakub Kaja on Wikimedia)
  4. Could the last one be the Austrian Red Cross decoration (without KD) or is that too far out? I guess the ribbon doesn't match...?
  5. No guesses, I'm afraid... Are you sure it's the same guy? The decorations seem to be almost completely different...
  6. Brian, I really sympathize with you... a bag giving up has happened to me a lot too when trying to drag it to the curb. Especially when yard waste here is only collected every two weeks, so grass cuttings and weed is left in bags in my garage to simmer... and the contact between fermenting plant material and a cold concrete garage floor is a recipe for disaster - even dedicated yard waste bags become so wet that eventually they will disintegrate. I solved the problem by raising the bags a little (I had some surplus wardrobe wire shelves that I placed flat on a part of the garage floor). That prevents the warm material getting in contact with the cooler floor.
  7. I'm guessing the sash is for the Russian Order of St. Stanislaus.
  8. I think you're right wrt. the promotions through the Belgian orders. That would explain the reshuffling of the bar. Also, if the photo is before 1940, he of course wouldn't wear the 1953 coronation medal on it.
  9. Is that the Order of the German Eagle around his neck? If so, was probably awarded during his service in Germany - right after it was instituted in 1937.
  10. Beautiful bar! I know a non-German could receive the 3 first medals on there, but could a foreigner also receive the 4th (its name eludes me...)?
  11. How do you come to the conclusion of 1932-37? The "J S" mark was used from 1932 but the "three towers" hallmark clearly says 1940. Of course you never know what belongs together - the photo, the silver (with hallmarks) and the engraving of the Zeppelin... but the silver piece was made in 1940.
  12. That all makes sense... thanks a lot, Laurentius! I tried to read the statutes and their amendments, but got lost... not for the faint of heart 😋
  13. You gentlemen were very helpful with my earlier question regarding the Prussian Order of the Red Eagle, so I'm calling on your expertise again. I'm researching a guy (not the same as earlier) who was awarded the Prussian Order of the Crown 4th class with swords in 1866 (I'm guessing for the Prussian-Austrian war). In 1890 he gets the 3rd class with swords on the ring and later he is promoted to the 2nd class with swords on the ring. Do the swords on the ring symbolize that he was awarded the lower (4th) class with swords? In "Deutscher Ordens Almanach 1908-09" his list of awards shows both the 4th class with swords and the 2nd class with swords on the ring. Does that mean that he would be wearing both? Wouldn't the 'swords on the ring' represent the lower awards with swords, so no need to list that one separately?
  14. Here is the photo from that catalog BTW - Hammer price was 2.800 DM
  15. Is this the one you're referring to: Klenau auction 156 (lot 53). December 1978. "St. Cyrill- und Methodius-Orden. Ordenskreuz. Silber vergoldet. 75 x 75 mm. Am Ring. Klenau 4435. Äusserst seltenes, altes Exemplar" (Same object could be in several Klenau auctions if it didn't sell...)
  16. And here is a recap in English (feel free to point out any spelling errors...) http://www.omsd.dk/Articles/en/article_en.aspx?id=20190504-1
  17. Excellent. Before I started this thread I didn't even know he got the 4th class. Thanks a lot! /Michael
  18. "are allowed..."? OK, now I'm a little confused... So what is NOT allowed (for the MoH)? Apart from wearing it if you didn't earn it, of course...
  19. His name is Hucke. I don't know his first name... it is never mentioned in any of the official records where I found him (including Handbuch für das Deutsche Reich 1874 to 1890). He ended up as "Wirchlicher Geheimer Ober-Regierungs-Rath" and worked in the Reich-Postamt (before then the Post- und Telegraphen Verwaltung). He probably died around 1900. If you can find him, that would be awesome.
  20. Interesting... then I'll have to figure out when he was awarded the 4th class... time for more research 😊 Thanks.
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