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  1. There are a few options: Federal Police Force - Bundesgrenzschutz (BGS), Maritime Police - 1956 - 1971 http://www.uniforminsignia.org/?option=com_insigniasearch&Itemid=53&result=3749 Bahnpolizei 1955 http://www.uniforminsignia.org/?option=com_insigniasearch&Itemid=53&result=658 Rheinland-Pfalz Polizei 1976 http://www.uniforminsignia.org/?option=com_insigniasearch&Itemid=53&result=683 Larry
  2. I am inclined to agree with you Chris. IIRC there was a large amount of skepticism over it. Cheers Larry
  3. I received this email quite some time ago while on a different forum. :cheers; Larry
  4. I like the "Leonid Brezhnev" one. Thanks for sharing Sergey Larry
  5. Hi Colin Looking forward to seeing the end result. Are you going to incorporate some of Perry Bros "Cuirassiers hit by canister volley"? Funny that you mention this, I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on a squadron of "Les gros frères" on their black Boulonnais steeds. Needed to refill my beer, so I came upstairs and took a quick break. I will be posting photo's this weekend. Cheers Larry
  6. Well....I do have a lid, not sure if it's enough of a relic. And I was thinking of doing a RN in tribute to Dad. Though of a picture of him, his medals and the ships he served on.....maybe his wavy navy rank insignia. Got to many irons in the fire at the moment, however I am watching your process and will wait for the end. Larry
  7. Is this French. Many thanks Larry
  8. Looking forward to this Larry
  9. Hi Robert Here you go, it's not the Hungerford Yeomanry however if will give you a better idea of it's use. It's an Officers silver pouch belt plate..... http://www.paoyeomanry.co.uk/LYSabretache.htm :cheers; Larry
  10. Hi Have you seen this: http://www.hungerfordvirtualmuseum.co.uk/Themes/Berkshire_Yeomanry/berkshire_yeomanry.html Larry
  11. Interesting, many thanks for the links Demir, especially the second one. Larry
  12. Hi You are correct on the rank and branch. I am having difficulty with the trade patches, As they are trained and supplied by the Turkish Military, I'm guessing the one is para related and the other might be some kind of AD....... Larry
  13. Hi Colin Well done you Was there a lot of competition? The idea that you needed more work, was this a personal observation or one brought to your attention by other modelers? The fact that you won Gold and Silver would suggest to me that you have it nailed...... Larry
  14. Bronze medal. These medal were awarded after a minimum of 25 years service and the level of award depended on the recipients rank at the time of award.
  15. I don't have a Gold cross medal so next in line is the Silver medal
  16. 2nd class cross. The difference in ribbons is due to manufacture differences.
  17. Belgium: Civil Decoration for Long Service in the "Pompiers et Garde Civile" of Leopold II. 1st class Cross.
  18. I just like the pretties....kinda like Golem. I don't have much, all very run of the mill. I am a "Hinge" guy when it comes to displaying them, as the majority are used I don't view this as an issue.
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