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    Dear forumites,

    I tried several times to post it... it's on German Ebay right now. The price seems to skyrocket... To me the combination could be possible.

    I would like to hear your interesting comments on this one. I thank you in advance.



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    Guest Rick Research

    Good Lord-- THREE from Hohenzollern and then waaaaaay down in back, TWO from Sachsen-Weimar? And the guy was a -Weimar native, from the long service award.

    The pin on the bar is backwards...

    It is the infamous flat bottom style that was universal on fraud bars a couple of years ago....

    COULD be good, and very very VERY weird:

    or it COULD be bad.

    This is one of those "only paws on inspection" would settle my doubts.

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    Hi Stogie!

    I hope for the purchaser of this bar that is not a fake... it was sold for EUR 1.263,87!!!! ohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gif

    The more I see it the less I am convinced that it could be original. Personal inspection would help a lot, like your good twin Rick tongue.gif said!



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    Guest Rick Research

    Saxe-Weimar was one of the German states which actually somehow existed with NO :speechless-smiley-004: ohmy.gifrolleyes.gif regulations on how to wear awards, but I would find it utterly implausible to suppose-- were that I as a Saxe-Weimar native-- that my own Home State awards would be 8th and 9th on a 10 medal bar...

    nor can I come up with ANY "explanation" as to how a Saxe-Weimar native (native-specific reverse to the Carl Alexander--died 1902--silver General Decoration Medal) COULD have had the bronze 1911 Hohenzollern Jubilee Medal:

    610 awarded to:

    1)lower HOHENZOLLERN officials,

    2)lower HOHENZOLLERN court servants (while in Saxe-Weimar on active duty?...),

    3)HOHENZOLLERN teachers (must have been nice being considered "other ranks"),

    4)pensioners and laborers and any surviving Old Soldiers who had personally served the late (died 1849) Prince of HOHENZOLLERN,


    5) the serving Feldwebels of HOHENZOLLERN Fusilier Regiment 40 (who got PRUSSIAN long service awards)

    the XV years Saxe-Weimar (NCOs of Infantry Regiment 94 or members of the Saxe-Weimar Gendarmerie) just does not "compute" with Hohenzollern this way.

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    • 17 years later...
    13 minutes ago, saschaw said:

    I stand corrected - we actually have seen one here, seventeen(!) years ago...




    Or, as Jörg Nimmergut price-guides it: 265,- Euro. If only one was available!


    Thanks Sascha, but what would the experts here say after 17 years have gone by. Is this a genuine medal bar or fraud? 

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    Hallo Stephan,


    I remeber, I did discuss that bar with Rick on the phone.

    As he did say, a quite "more than odd" combination, which I would still consider as a put together bar.

    The kind of "flat bottom" mounting is not 100 per cent a sign for a fake, but more than unusual

    The sorting of the decorations is out of any rule or common-sense sorting

    I do not like the combo at all, it makes no sense for me.

    If I shall explain it more, I would prefer to do that under the old thread, not here.


    Beste Grüße


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    • 1 month later...
    • 7 months later...
    On 04/08/2022 at 14:01, Daniel Krause said:

    If I shall explain it more, I would prefer to do that under the old thread (...)

    Your wish is my command! I took the liberty to move your and BlackcowboyBS' comments to this original thread, for further discussion.


    I agree this one is very, very odd, and an in-hand inspection would be crucial. That being said, I like the combination! Most huge nonsense bars we know consist of common awards, while this group unites quite a number of less common and even some pretty rare decorations.


    My best guess would be some career soldier, possibly a musician, who left the army in the 1890s and found a civilian engagement with the Prince of Hohenzollern. He was probably no native of Saxon-Weimar, and also never actually received the "XV" cross, but exchanged an older type brooch for that one in 1913/14...


    A possible scenario? I think so. An authentic group? Who knows...





    On 29/09/2022 at 15:22, dedehansen said:

    I would like to know, who the new owner is? ??

    As far as I remember, this bar did never pop up again since it was sold on ebay...


    Edited by saschaw
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    • 3 weeks later...
    On 16/05/2023 at 23:19, ostprussenmann_new said:

    There is a guy who regularly fakes WWI medal bars on eBay.  I think he is from the Netherlands or Belgium; would stay away.  Person is know on multiple other forums for artificially aging modern ribbons for medals

    There are plenty of guys selling fraud bars on ebay... if you're referring to this specific one: he wasn't doing medal bars back then. Also, the group discussed here doesn't look anything like his creations, nor does it remind me of a specific other fraudster. That doesn't automatically make it an authentic group, but I still have faith in it!


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