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    KM Collection in Norway

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    Hi Guys !

    Last Week I visit a Collector Friend of mine , who Collect KM . ( He had the three KM Urkunden ) .

    He also asked if I could post some pics of his Collection . He regulary Visit GMIC , and is a member . But quite new to Computers , so I post the pics for him .

    Pic. 1

    Jan Arne

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    WOW :unsure:

    nice collection your friend has, and expensive.

    If he thinks the left RK is a real, he should have it taxated and insured.First he can check himself for

    magnetic core, if it concists of different parts, hersteller code etc.

    I once had a real RK, although the ribbon was a fake, and I sold it for a lot of money at an auction in Switserland, my biggest mistake ever. :banger:

    it's the cream de la cream for any ww2 collector in my opinion.

    Edited by Roeland
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