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    Possibly from the same maker (note the basketweave button),  3 piece EKII.

    Tom, that's an absolute gem love.gif . I've never seen a 3-piece 16mm EK mini, which I presume this is. The details are unbelievably great.

    Here are a few assorted pieces.



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    Great stuff, guys. Keep it up. The detail on these little jewels is amazing sometimes. This is kinda cheating, but here's a mini bow with a full sized EK ohmy.gif

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    Guest Rick Research

    I still can't get over a THREE piece same as full size mini EK!

    My HHOX is 10 tongue.gif piece:


    1-3) two halves of suspension crown with pin through it to attach cross

    4) cross and wreath

    5) obverse center "hubcap"

    6) reverse center "hubcap"

    7-10) four HALF swords each separately applied and just barely under the obverse disk. Held sideways, you can see straight through it between the cross, the tiny "toothpick nubs" sword pieces, and the disk resting atop THEM. speechless.gifwacko.gifohmy.gif

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