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    They were probably members of Luftwaffenkomando See,the Naval Air Arm.Reinhard Hardegen spent 4 years in Naval Aviation.The Naval Air Arm was dispanded in 1939 after the invasion of Poland and Goering declared "Every thing that flies belongs to me".Hardegen and his fellow pilots were then assigned to the Ubootwaffe.


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    To add a little more to this thread, most of these observer badges are first pattern (the thin type) Junckers. Based on this, documentation, and the period of time this badge was issued, I would say many of the naval observers were in Legion Condor.

    It is not unusual to expect the Spanish version of the DKIG also in wear in these cases.

    Like the post above, many of these officers went into the U-boat arm, usually making it quickly to Captain of a U-boat, when the Luftwaffe took over all the planes in 1939. The book Operation Drumbeat is a good reference for this transition.

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    that must be an extemely rare cap tally.Very nice.


    I have seen two in the last few years and I keep an eye out for these things. Kai Winkler had one until two weeks ago that a friend of mine in Kiel just bought when I pointed it out to him. Mine I bought from a US antique dealer a while back--spotted on line by a German friend who alerted me to it. So I guess it is fairly rare. Many collectors are not sure what this is, so that is helpful if you want one. They think it is Luftwaffe and it is not of course.

    It helps to be in a "circle" of muetzenbander collectors who are on the watch for certain ones and know what you are looking for--well, we know this, the more friends you make on these forums with similar interests the easier it is to find what you want.


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    In image #10, this officer is wearing his navy long service ribbon and czech occupation ribbons below which is the Spanish awarded Spanish Cross, then below that is the Observer badge, and on his right side is the German Spanish Cross. The photo is a bit blurry when I expanded it for posting.


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    I think it is


    Thomsen, Rolf

    * 06.05.1915 Berlin

    + 26.03.2003 Bonn

    Ritterkreuz am: 04.01.1945

    als: Kapit?nleutnant

    Funktion: Kommandant U-1202

    852. Eichenlaub am: 29.04.1945 als Kapit?nleutnant

    Kommandant U-1202

    Bundeswehr: Von 05.11.1955 bis 31.03.1972

    Zuletzt: Flottillenadmiral

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