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    Hessian Krieger Ehrenzeichen in Eisen

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    This one came in last week-the silvering is almost gone,but I like it.But I'm still a little unshure-what do you think about it?

    The case is a 1914 EK1 case....easier to take the pics!


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    I hate to repeat what Rick said, but this is an outstanding photo. Hessian buckles, badges and EKIs. They're all NCOs as well. Very nice and unusual to see all this in one photo. Thanks for showing it.


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    Actually, I have a number of these photos-including the (sadly) reprint above, of the Iron badge being worn. The VAST majority-if not all of the men are NCOs. There are a few I can't see ranks for, but it really has made me wonder about who actually got these.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Now here's a :Cat-Scratch::speechless1: --

    check this thread for a Leutnant with one and NO EK1!


    I always had the impression that an EK1 was REQUIRED (as in all the photos posted above) before eligibility for one could even be considered. The statutes as reported in von Hessenthal und Schreiber don't actually SPECIFY that, but I've never seen a photo of one in wear before that did NOT also have an EK1 beside it.

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