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    Sweet Francois :cheers:

    The Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe (Honor Goblet of the Luftwaffe) was a Luftwaffe award established on February 27, 1940 by Reichsmarschall Hermann G?ring, the Reich Minister of Aviation and Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe. It was officially known as the Ehrenpokal "f?r besondere Leistung im Luftkrieg", or Honor Goblet "For Special Achievement in the Air War". The award was given only to flying personnel (pilots and aircrew). Recipients' named were published in the periodical Ehrenliste der Deutschen Luftwaffe (Honor List of the German Air Force). German archival records indicate that approximately 58,000 were awarded, but only 13-15,000 goblets were actually presented.

    The award was made to aircrew who had already been awarded the Iron Cross First class but whose had not had performance that merited the German Cross or Knight?s Cross of the Iron Cross.

    The actual goblet could be produced in two materials, fine silver (German: Feinsilber) or also in German Silver (German: Alpaka) or Nickel silver. The size is about 200 mm tall x 100 mm in diameter. The object was produced in two pieces which were fitted together into one unit. The obverse depicts two eagles in mortal combat while the reverse bears an Iron Cross in high relief. Oak leaves and acorns adorn the stem. The words "F?r Besondere Leistung im Luftkrieg" are formed into the base,

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    Were these "Air Mission" Goblets official awards? How many missions were on each of these goblets?

    Official in terms of regulation, the answer is no.

    Now in term of comun use: yes, especially with flying units (not only)

    From what I have seen, you can find them for:

    - Remembrance of service: not proper to LW, to mark a period of passing in one unit at a certain time - you start to see that in WW1 (or before) and I believe it was still the case after (maybe even now)

    - To celebrate an air victory or a # of flights - here for "100" & "200"

    * some have unit emblems, some only names, some only dates, some only eagles, some description, some dedication, ................ some mix of several things just mentioned - si no specifical rules, nor for the size and composition (some silver, some not)

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