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    Luftwaffe Stabshelferin Helene Prinz uniform grouping

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    Hi Bill,

    Let me be the first on this forum to congratulate you on your fine pick up, I followed this one over on the WAF and was

    curious to see who the lucky guy was who had picked it up, and saw your name at the end of that one, a great grouping,

    and more so with the lady being one of the three in that well known photo at the end of the war.

    I have only ever seen a couple of female Luft jackets over the years, and those I did see were many moons back now!

    And again, hearty congratulations on your rare grouping,

    Best wishes


    Edited by Bob Lyons
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    I can only echo Bob's sentiments on this amazing grouping. It is the first fully attributed Helferin grouping I have seen... especially noteworthy is the presence award and documents. A one of a kind grouping these days. A definite keeper :cheers:

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    Hello, thanks for the compliments. After many years of collecting Luft combat gear I never thought I would own a womans grouping. Im glad I was able to obtain it. This group also comes with a set of low-style boots. Best, BIll

    Edited by Bill Bourque
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    Hello Francois, here is a pic of the ties label. Hello Jos, with a house full of girls and my wife included a female mannikin in uniform might be pushing it abit around here. I have 2 headless mannikins and even those freaked my kids out when they were younger. Also included is a womans os signals piped hat. The eagle is understitched and some of the threads have come free. Best, Bill

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