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    speechless1.gif Wow!!!! THAT was an interesting life!!!  jumping.gif GREAT biographical information Marshall!  beer.gif

    Yeah - it's a nice story isn't it. I love the fact that Akhmetzyanov lived to the ripe old age of 93 and one day I WILL attempt to contact that school.

    Hell - I'll probably bequeath the star back to them if my kids proove to give not a rats ass about all this 'military' stuff.

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    This is my first attempt at posting a picture, so please bear withme. The qualty of the photo is not up to my usual standards; but we will do better with that in the future.

    Assuming that this picture gets posted - Hero of the Soviet Union Gold Star (1st type) #842 awarded to Capt. Vasily Ivanovich Shishkin.

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    What is the full citation/biographical story on this one?? jumping.gif? jumping.gif

    I was afraid that someone would ask, so here we go. Please stay with me as typing is not one of my strengths.

    With regard to this particular decoration, I should first state that it has been properly authenticated by Paul McDaniel. Upon the final approval of Lt. Gen. Kostenko, Commander of the Southwestern Front on 12 March 1942, Captain Sishkin was given the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and issued the Gold Star medal by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on 27 March 1942. He was a squadron commander with the 43rd Fighter Air Regiment, 16th Air Division. Aside from ?...his immense devotion to the cause of the Lenin-Stalin Party...?, he and his squadron:

    1. Eliminated up to 3,500 German men and officers, up to 300 motor vehicles with ammunition and enemy personnel, 6 enemy field artillery batteries, 7 antiaircraft batteries, 6 enemy tanks, 200 carriages, 200 cavalrymen, up to 40 motorcyclists, a bridge and 3 crossing facilities on the Dneiper and three ammunition depots.

    2. His squadron has has flown 1352 combat missions of which 1293 were ground attacks against enemy ground troops and shot down 10 enemy planes. He has flown 65 ground attacks against enemy ground troops, 44 of which it is noted were effective missions after Peoples Commissar of Defense Comrade Stalin issued Decree #0299, and 82 combat missions to patrol troops and political centers and escort bombers.

    3. Although wounded, he continued to lead his troops and so on.

    Comrade Sishkin was born in 1914 and received his final promotion, to Colonel in January of 1952. His other awards include two Lenin Orders, Suvorov 3rd class, 5 Red Banners, 2 Red Stars, and a medal for Combat Service. 14 defense, liberation and jubilee medals.

    I hope that this information is helpful and of some interest; and if anyone has any other questions about Col. Sishkin or his awards, I will do my best to provide the answers.

    Best wishes,

    Wild Card

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    Hero of the Soviet Union Gold Star (1st type) #842 awarded to Capt. Vasily Ivanovich Shishkin.

    My friend, that is spectacular!!!!! ohmy.gif

    Indeed, hard to top...

    If you give me his name in cyrillic (hard to work out, that one) I'll post the picture I have of him.

    A face to the name is always nice...


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    Guest Rick Research

    beer.gif It is a wonder a ground attack flyer with THAT speechless1.gifspeechless1.gifspeechless1.gif kind of record survived the war!

    This is what makes collecting worthwhile.

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    Gentlemen -

    Thank you all for your kind comments; I will try to answer your questions.

    Biro, thank you for your offer; I can not seem to figure out how to convert my keyboard to Cyrillic, but I can tell you that, if you have it to refer to, that Comrade Sishkin is in the Atlas of Heroes of the Soviet Union, on page 787, vol. 2, and his picture is in the upper right corner of the same page. Do you know that looking at this, I am inclined to think that his name properly translated might be more Shishkin as opposed to Sishkin. Although I have a number of pictures of him, including some nice candids; additional shots would certainly be appreciated.

    Gerd, with regard to your comment ?I guess, some collectors would kill for this star?, let?s hope not; but unfortunately, you do bring up a point; and with regard to that, I was hoping to post a picture of all of Comrade Sishkin?s awards; but they are, as we say, ?off campus? and as such, they are located quite some distance away from my home and I was not able to get to them and bring them back for photos as I had planned. When the opportunity presents itself, I will do so and post them. Sorry, the times we live in.

    The group is quite complete, however his Suvorov 3rd class (#9611), one of two Red Stars (#21772) and large Hero award document (the small Hero award document is present) are missing. Copies of service records... are quite complete along with a number of standard congratulatory items.

    Some additional biographical and service information follows. With regard to his wounds, he was wounded in the stomach and leg in August of 1941. He saw service on the Southwestern, Stalingrad, Don, Central and 1st Belorussian Fronts and was involved in actions at Kiev (1941), Kharkov (1941-2), Stalingrad (1942), Orel/Kursk (1943) and in Belorussia (1944).

    I guess that pretty well covers it for now. Again, thank you all for your comments and questions.

    Best wishes,

    Wild Card

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    Guest Rick Research

    We've pinned the Cyrillic alphabet permanently in this forum. My computer can't read Cyrillic either-- except for in HERE. Copy and paste that whole alphabet from the pinned thread into any reply (that's why Gerd brought it here) then you can copy and paste each Cyrillic character into any given posting. That's how I do it.

    Just don't forget to delete the whole "left over" alphabet when you're done, though! cheeky.gif

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    Guest Rick Research

    A a (ah) = A a

    Б б (beh) = B b

    В в (vey) = V v

    Г г (gey) = G g

    Д д (dey) = D d

    E e (yey) = E e

    Ё (yo) = ё

    Ж ж (zheh) = Zh

    З з (zeh) = Z z

    И и (ee) = I i

    Й й (ee kratkoye) = (short) I

    К к (kah) = K k

    Л л (el) = L l

    M м (em) = M m

    H н (en) = N n

    O о (aw) = O o

    П п (pey) = P p

    P р(ehr) = R r

    C с (ess) = S s

    T т(tey) = T t

    У у (oo) = U u

    Ф ф (ef) = F f

    X х (khah) = Kh

    Ц ц (tseh) = Ts

    Ч ч (cheh) = Ch

    Ш ш (shah) = Sh

    Щ щ (shchah) = Shch

    Ъ ъ (tvyawrdy znak) = ?

    Ы ы (yerih) = Y

    ь Ь (miakhky znak) = ?

    Э э (eh) = Eh

    Ю ю (yoo) = iu

    Я я (yah) = ia

    Then copy and paste each letter individually to spell----> Шишькин ? Шишкин ? Cышкин ? Some such?

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    Kim -

    That's my man, thank you!

    As I mentioned before, I have several pictures of him; but none this late. It appears that he had his second Lenin Order when the picture was taken, so that would date it sometime after 30 December 1956.

    Also, thank you for the tip on the Hero's information site. I will check out my other recipients to see if there are any pictures I don't have. I did check on one earlier who is not on the list which surprised me because he is a relatively famous fellow.

    Thank you again and best wishes,

    Wld Card

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    The small photo and the bigger one I posted looks very much like it could have been taken at the same ocation. Perhaps it's the same photo? Photos in the big red book are small, croped and "drawn". So it could be the same. IF it's the same photo it could have been taken for the book. But this is only speculation... one of the things I enjoy about our hobby, the other thing being research.

    The list of Heroes at the Russian web site are far from complete. I am not sure how they organize their list. But early heroes are more likely to be there than later. I guess in the end all will be listed but it's some way to go.

    And I think it's those who view the forum who should thank you for showing your collection. Not the other way around. Thank you!


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    • 6 months later...

    Hero Star 8282

    Only his name: Chernyaev, Pjetr, Andrewitsch and the date 16.10.1943

    Maybe he is still alive ?



    Alfred...according to a HSU site he is it gives this information and his DOB but no date for deceased which the others I looked at had, so I assume it is up to date and he is 82 it looks then like he sold his medal for much needed dollars:

    Tchernyaev Peter Andreevich - помошник the commander of a platoon of 229-th shooting a shelf (8-th shooting division, 13-th army, the Central front) the senior sergeant.

    Was born on February, 16th, 1924 in village Hitrovo of area Maloarhangelskogo of the Oryol area in family of the peasant. Russian. Has ended 7 classes in 1938. Worked in collective farm.

    In Red Army since January, 1943. Has especially distinguished in fight for village Kashevka (Chernobyl area of the Kiev area) on approaches to the river Pripyat. On September, 25th, 1943 the senior sergeant Tchernyaev has replaced the commander who has left out of operation of a platoon. On September, 30th 1943 together with a platoon it was forwarded through the river Dnepr to the west of Chernigov, participated in fights on jumping-off place.

    The rank of the Hero of Soviet Union with delivery of an award of Lenin and a medal " the Gold Star " № To 8282 Peter Andreevichu Tchernyaev is appropriated on October, 16th, 1943.

    After demobilization the senior sergeant of a stock Tchernyaev lived and worked in the city of Kizel of the Perm area. In настооящий the moment lives in Perm.

    Награжден Lenin's award, Domestic war of 1 degree, medals.

    This height dominated over district. From it the opponent well saw our first line and approaches to it. Our gunners not time brought down on it powerful fire. Some times "илы" stormed height, but hitlerites again restored defensive works.

    In a staff of 229-th shooting a shelf have made a decision to seize height. But to make it small forces, impact of a platoon of submachine gunners from rear. The choice has fallen on a platoon about which Peter Tchernyaev ordered.

    At late night fighters of a platoon have left our first line. Before a dawn have come to be on a boggy place behind a front line. There also have waited. Have bypassed village Kashevka in the late evening, have hidden in a bush about which passed a course of the message on height. Near it loomed hour.

    By the night постовых became two. Them have removed without noise. Having left here just in case five soldier, Peter Tchernyaev on a course of the message has led the others on height. Further the course forked and conducted in two trenches. Here it was necessary to remove one more hour.

    At height it has appeared five dugouts and two observant items. Them have thrown pomegranates. Have then destroyed the escaped hitlerites. The platoon has grasped eight machine guns, two mortars and some ten automatic devices. Machine guns and automatic devices have quickly adapted all for defense.

    In the same night Germans have started to counterattack, but, met by machine-gun fire, were rolled away back. Before a dawn they have fired at height from mortars and instruments.

    During bombardment Peter Tchernyaev has allocated the стрелков for height and has informed in a staff on the location of German batteries. They were there and then suppressed by the Soviet gunners. Hitlerites tried to return height at support of tanks. But also this invention was broke. Our gunners have put protecting fire.

    Shelfs has begun approach. Peter Tchernyaev corrected fire of artillery. It informed, where at fascists forces for counterattacks collect, reserves where tanks are grouped whence come. In midday Кашевка it has been released.

    The Biography is given by Alexander Skobkarevym.

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    Chuck thanks for your reply

    This is the gist of it..

    DOB 1923 he was a Russian Christian orthodox and had finished 2 years of a 4 year teachers course in 1940.

    He gave up his course and joined the army in 1941 and learned in an aviation school until 1942.

    His war started in 1943.

    He was a flight commander until 1945 by which time he had flown 123 sorties.

    For all the damage he had done to the German war effort he was awarded a Hero Soviet Union on 18.8.45.

    After WW2 he continued to work in aviation and received a further Order of Lenin, 2 Patriotic Wars 1st class and a Patriotic War 2nd class. He also received his 3rd! Order of the Red banner.

    He died in service on the 9.12.47

    ...I am sure this man had a very interesting career and at such an early age...wow...a real research project I bet!


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