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    Peter Nyitrays collections of Hungarian and Austro-Hungarian militaria.

    Peter Orincsay

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    Great collection!! That photo is really interesting.

    Did he get any other German awards that he wasn't wearing in 1945?

    He never got any German awards at all... The only foregin award he recived was a Bulgarian memorial award (1915-18) given to him as a son of an officer who served in the Austro-Hungarian Army in the First World war. Thet award is seen the most left in the medalbar.

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    Here's a close-up of my grandfather's medal bar. The medal bar from the left; Two Signum Laudis, silver and bronze for military achievement, given to officers. The red trifold with swords shows that they were awarded during war time. The third is the "Fire cross" with swords. It was founded in 1941 and was given for three month of front service at the eastern front. The one without the swords were given to military personnel not serving at the front line. Versions without the wrath were given to operational zone non-combatants. The fourth medal is the memorial medal given to people who lost fathers or spouses in the First World War. The medal with the blue trifold is for the recapture of Transylvania in 1940. The one after with the yellow and blue trifold is the recapture of the lost territories in Yugoslavia (the Bacska and Banat area, today's Vojvodina region in Serbia). The last one is the Bulgarian memorial medal given to people who lost fathers or spouses in the First World War, fighting with the Austro-Hungarian army. (Allied with Bulgaria)

    My grandfather was given this medal with a black ribbon according to the certificate from 1944.

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