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    Remember when men were men and The Good Ricky (aka The Good Twin?) collected Saint Henry?? Every once in a blue moon I pull out these 2 pictures and just sigh for awhile..... Yes, that is a Commander's Cross on the top shelf, far left.

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    Hi Rick.

    Thank you for showing these precious items.

    Without wanting to steal your thunder:

    I broke down and bought the first St. Henry at the SOS show on a medal bar and am sorry I waited as long as I did. Read through the reference book on recipients again. Found that also some participants in the 1914-18 campaign who were bestowed with th order. The crosses were handed out after their return from Africa..

    Thanks again,

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    And some did for sure.... here's one of my favorite pix. The General (one of 11, we never figured it out better than that)

    I love the StHeinrich. We have the same passion. Can you post a picture from the NC right to the comander. Is this a GOLD one?

    Thank for sharing


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    Bernhard! Fantastic. These were so hard to find then and I can count on one hand the number I have seen since i first sold my collection. Foolish mistake at the time, but no choice.... here's another of my favorite shots showing two variations of the cases used to issue the Knight's Cross of The Order.

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    Aaaahhhh, just put my eyes out, please. Don't show me this stuff, when I am in the market for a good St. Henry and can't find one.

    Hard to believe but Stogieman outbid me once-$135- on a three piece mounted St. Henry's silver medal, (EK2/St.Henry/Hkx) furled mounting.

    We didn't know who each other was/were in those days. :Cat-Scratch:

    At that price I almost sob nowadays!

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    I think so- I don't remember the wound badge being with it, but I wasn't focused on it either. It's in my "eBay sales" notes. :speechless1:

    So, what do you think it'd go for these days?

    At one time I figured you'd bought @ 80% of all St. Henrys groups out there on the market.

    With gold at $1000 an ounce i fear for the gold St. Henrys that still exist.

    Say, do you remember this one? Was this one yours, or did Claudio get it?

    Edited by Ulsterman
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    I think I grabbed every one that hit the open market for a number of years. I also so many more that would/never will hit the open market in the hands of some old and very dear friends in Germany. One of whom still eMails me every Christmas.

    The Gold medal was the thing that I never managed to get. I owned a miniature in real gold, 16mm.

    I turned my nose up at over a dozen "silver-gilt" "wearer's copies"... only saw 2 bronze gilt ones but they were both probably copies.

    The one gold medal that came on the market before I stopped was a loose medal that had contact marks indicating it had been removed from a medal bar. I was outbid at $2500, plus premium and that was at least 5 years ago... it stayed in Germany.

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    Hi Jeff, the Hessian bar looks familiar but I have no image in my archive, so Claudio must have won that battle.

    Here's an up-close and personal view of why I liked this order so very, very much. This one by Roessner

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