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Small group with Order of the October Revolution

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Hi everyone,

i thought, i share this little group with you. Nothing exiting, but in my impression, groups with OOR don?t appear too often on the market, at least since i collect Soviet Orders (which is not long, i admit). Other Soviet Collectors confirmed my impression and others told me, that the OOR?s are often splittet from groups by dealers. I would love to hear other opinions to this.

This is the group:

Order of the October Revolution Nr. 73.462

Order of the Red Star Nr. 3.602.335

Order of the Great Patriotic War 85 issue

Victory over Germany

Valiant Labor in the Patriotic War

Veteran of Labor

several Commemorative Medals (see picture)

The Orders are documented, the Medals are not, but i have an ID, which confirmes all the Medals. Fortunately there is a photo in the group, on which he wears all his Medals. I haven?t seen many photos with OOR in wear, what about you?

This is the group:

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A nice group indeed. I have never had a clear sense of the sorts of folk who got the OOR, and have always assumed it went mainly to party types. It is fairly commonly seen in wear by "foreign friends", but I agree with you that rarely do we see normal Soviets wearing it.

Any chance of deciphering stamps and so on to get a sense of who he was? When you find the time to scan the documents, we can unleash Rick's Eagle-Eye and all will be revealed?

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That is one nice grouping you have there. I would be interested in knowing how he came about winning the OOR! I have not seen too many photos of people wearing this order.

One of my favorite groupings in my collection is one that contains the OOR as well as an Order of Friendship.

I find it interesting that he has the OOR yet no other Labor or peace time orders.

Best regards

Paul Reck

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Thanks for the comments everybody. I am indeed very happy with this little group.

Ed, i will add the scans as soon as possible. I am curious myself, but i don?t have the time to do it tonight.

Andreas, do you have an idea, what it is?

Paul, thank you. I don?t know, for what he got the OOR, but it was most probably for Labor. Its indeed interesting, that he has no other Labor-Awards and wonder, like Ed does, what kind of people got an OOR instead of another Labor-Award. This was wounded in WW2 seriously twice and left the army in May 1945, so its not military. But though, even if its not, at least its not alone ;-)

Thanks again everyone



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So . . . badly wounded in WWII, hence the OPW (2nd class?) commemorative issue?

I still think of the OOR as a labor/party award. Am I wrong here?

The only other one I have seen is in that group-that-may-not-be-a-group -- http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=2456

An interesting story lurks here.

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