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A nice imperial bar, unfortunately difficult for me to make the identification.

The SEHO and the oval Eduard medal at the beginning suggest, it was a men from Saxe-Coburg

The next 3 Austrians (FranzJoseph, Red Cross and ?? maybe a jubilee medal)

Then follow 2 bulgarian orders - Civil and Alexander order

Next it becomes more difficult, I think the next places should be the romanian Bene Merenti and the last-one maybe the Toscana Civile Order

If the last-one is really the Toscana order, then the number of possibilities for the first owner of the bar could be quite limited.

Would be happy for some help

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This ribbon bar--obviously from the same Very Strange Person was sold in 2005 at a Floyd, Johnson, & Payne auction:

Since there are RIBBON bars around, :unsure: Somewhere Out There is the MEDAL bar which answers ALL our :banger: questions...

from a once complete SET that some idiot has broken up. :speechless:

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Hi Rick and Wild Card,

Regarding the last one. Possibly a Russian St. Vladimir?

Unfortunately, it is not the Vladimir, he has the ribbon as shown below.

The Toscana Civile Merit cross ribbon is red edged, i.e. the black stripes don't go until the edges

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More of a fishing expedition on my part. I have received quite an education on the bar and a sister bar that's out there still. Did I post it up, yes, but what I really wanted was to attempt to get all the parties involved in a re-unification of a set broken up long, long ago.

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