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    This was a magnificent bar... I was at Thies auction and had the pleasure to view it (and touch it) personally! There was no taylor label on the reserve (red backing), but to me it was a beautiful and typical Godet construction and it was even a bit convex to follow the shape of the cheast.

    Enjoy... and merry Christmas!!! :o:beer:

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    @Heiko: Hutier's medal bar went for Eur 3'800.-, Eur 200.- more than the starting price: not much if you ask me. He was a PLM mit Eichenlaub-Tr?ger nevertheless. I hesitated to bid on it, because I didn't like how the RK St. Heinrich Orden was mounted... it looks like the medal bar was restored. Furthermore beautiful the last order of Hutier's bar: Hessen-Darmstadt Ludewigs-Orden, very rare, but unfortunately with "Emaillesch?den"...

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    Hi Mike,

    I can't reply to your question, since I do not have the necessary reference books with Wedding's data, but I can show you the Admiral wearing a previous medal bar (see many 20ies veterans' decorations) with already the British Order of St. Michael & St. George.



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