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    Not much real about this grouping.....

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    Topic title says it all about this ebay offering....


    In answer to Stogie's rhetorical question of when are "they" going to learn, the answer is probably never. For entertainment value, anyone want to guess what the closing price will be since this is a -no- reserve offering. Also, Stogie, can we weedle you into giving a small discount to the "winner" who gets the correct price within...perhaps $25?

    The last "PlM" that sold last week which is the same cross type as this one, but with the feet cut out and embellished letter, sold for $3300. This one has a fake aviation badge, and fake engraving on the EKI.

    This "group" will bring more. Watch the sharks circle this one... ;-)


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    I'm still surprised that all is engraved. Why not EK2 ? :P . Like they haven't got enough space to engrave it. We can find now a beautiful copy of PlM. Rick has right when he says that the mouth of the eagle is not open, the badge is a fake.



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    Gee whiz, the seller cancelled the sale saying it's not for sale anylonger. Too bad; watching ebay auctions is cheap entertainment that beats watching "Desperate Houswives" on television.


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    Guest Rick Research

    EVERY time I click on the "link" all I get is "page not responding" so would somebody PLEASE just COPY and PASTE whatever there is here?

    Once an eBay lsiting goes by, there's nothing left to remember it by if nobody posts the scan or information IN a thread here, anyway.

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    The link still works for me...

    It just has a new heading saying "The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale."

    The 'question' I was referring to was this (at the end of the page):

    Question: Greetings! Where did you get these wonderful medals? Lt. Peter Rieper was the only balloon observer to win the Pour le Merite. He made 3 successful jumps from burning balloons to win the award. I certainly hope you get the price you are hoping for. Dan

    Answer: Hello Dan - I knew someone would know more about Lt. Rieper. I have updated the listing with your information. Thanks.


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