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CITATIONS - Dienstauszeichnung Service Award

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A plain old 3rd Class

Nice signature of Kurt Himer who at one point held the German General liaison position in the High Command of the Royal Hungarian Armed Forces (1941) and who died of serious wounds received while commanding 46 ID in 1942. Won the DKiG in March 1942.

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Here is an interesting pair... He gets IV to II on one doc...

The date on the doc, 2. Oktober 1936, is the date all the initial awards were made to then-active servicemembers. So on that date you would have gotten all the classes to which you were entitled. Documents with later dates generally mean you either returned to active duty later, or reached the qualifying years of service later.

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Another KM document issued to Oberstabsmatrosen Martin Schmitz.The document is signed by Vizeadmiral Hans-Herbert Stobwasser.

I beleive that Schmitz went on to serve on the HK Thor and later in the war was awarded the Marinefrontspange.

Sadly,i do not have his HK document but i do have his MFS doc.


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Here is a document for the Luftwaffe 4-Year Long Service Medal. I believe this one is signed by Gerhard Bassenge, but I am not certain. Can someone please confirm this signature?

Thank you and best regards,


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Here is a Kriegsmarine version to a member of a pre-war U-Boot (at the outbreak of war he served aboard U-18) and hand signed by Karl Dönitz...


Great to see a handsigned signature of Karl Dönitz as he really early did start using stamp versions of his signature.

During the war years, we see GCIG award doucmenst signed by him, for the rest of the awards it are nearly all stamped versions.

Best regards


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