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As a range of different citation threads have sprung up they have started to dominate the first page of the section abit, pushing the 'everyday' posts further down the page. To overcome this problem I have decided (thanks to a pointer from Chris) to have a single thread pinned as a 'Catch-all' with links to the relevant threads for each citation type. So if you wish to find a particular database or add an item to one which may no longer be on the first page, just click on the relevant link below: This is currently a work in progress so if you see a citation type that has yet to be covered feel free to start a thread and I will add the link here.

All Services & Civil:

Cuff Bands & Arm Shields

Dienstauszeichnung Service Award

Deutsche Kreuz in Gold

Drivers Badge

EK & Spange

Flower Wars

Foreign Awards To Germans


KvK & KvM

Mother's Cross


Service Awards (Polizei, Zoll etc)

Shooting Awards

Sports Awards

Westwall Medal

Wound Badges

Heer & Waffen-SS:

Close Combat Clasp

General Assault Badge

Heeres Flak Badge

Infantry Assault Badge

Panzer Assault Badge


Aircrew Qualification Badges

Flak Badge

Flight Clasps

Ground Assault Badge

Luftwaffe Schein


Auxiliary Cruiser Badge

Blockade Breaker Badge

Destroyer Badge

E-Boat Badge

High Seas Fleet Badge

Marine Artillery Badge

Minesweeper Badge

U-Boat Badge & Clasp


Führerschein - All examples

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