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    I researched a bit. The name on the photo above came to (Otto Bernhard Hermann KOETZOLD 1894-1944)


    SS-Obersturmfuhrer Hermann Koetzold: Sturmabt. Rossbach

    Hermann Koetzold

    * 7. May 1894 in Witten/Ruhr, as second of three children to Bernhard and Helene Koetzold

    Graduated from high school in Witten in 1912
    Student of medicine at Marburg
    Military Service Reichsheer as volunteer 2. August 1914 – 20. January 1919
    Leutnant d.R. and Batterieführer 27. January 1916
    Theater of operations West, Luxemburg, Belgium, France, and in the occupied Russian territories
    Wounded by poison gas
    Awards: EK II, EK I, black wound badge, Hanseatic Cross Hamburg, Merit Cross Lippe, Hungarian War Service Medal with Crown and Swords
    Student of medicine for an interim semester (enrolled 7. February 1919 – 25. Mai 1920)
    Freikorps 1. April 1919 – 30. January 1920 (Baltic provinces)
    Awards: Baltic Cross, Awaloff Cross, Annen Order IV. Class
    After the death of his father in early 1920 Hermann took over his book shop in Witten.
    Active and passive resistance against French Ruhr occupation in April 1923, leading to 4 months incarceration and eviction.
    Worked for J.F. Lehmanns Verlag in Munich 10. October – 30. November 1923.
    SA member 15. Oct. - 9. Nov. 1923 (Bataillon Rossbach), active participant in the Munich Putsch
    Returned to Ruhr in December 1923
    More passive resistance resulting in a one year sentence in absence (escaped to unoccupied Germany).
    Worked for Velhagen & Klasing in Bielefeld 12. May – 15. September 1924 to return to Witten upon retreat of the French
    Founding member of the NSDAP Ortsgruppe Witten in April 1925 (NSDAP #41233)
    Founding member of the Stahlhelm Witten mid 1925
    Left the Stahlhelm late 1925, because it supported the DNVP
    Re-joined the SA in 1926
    Engaged 2. April 1926 and married Irmgard née Völker 25. October 1927
    Daughter Hannelore born 4. March 1929
    Daughter Margret born 6. June 1931
    Bankruptcy of the bookshop in 1932 (reduction of employees from 12 to 6)
    Joined the SS 15. April 1933 (SS #76637)
    SS-Sturmmann 18. Juni 1934
    Rottenführer 18. August 1934
    Daughter Monika born 5. September 1934
    Unterscharführer 1. Oktober 1934
    Honor Cross for Combatants, SA Sports badge bronce
    Scharführer 30. January 1935
    Oberscharführer 15. June 1935
    Sale of the book shop 1. October 1935
    Hauptscharführer 1. January 1936
    Untersturmführer and Adjudant 33. SS-Standarte 15. March 1936 (transferred to 5. Standarte immediately)
    Paid suspension 5. May 1936
    Amtsbürgermeister Kröv, Mosel 1. October 1936
    SS-Ehrenring und Julleuchter December 1936
    Amtsbürgermeister Lissendorf, Eifel starting late 1937
    Obersturmführer 12. September 1937
    Bulgarian War Service Medal 3. February 1938
    Hauptsturmführer 20. April 1939
    Wehrmacht 22. June – 22. July 1939 (Hauptmann d.R.)
    Waffen-SS SS-Art.Ers.Rgt. 31. August 1942
    Battr.F. Art.Reg./SS-Freiw.Div.”Prinz Eugen” 20. November 1942
    Herzegovina and Montenegro since 25. April 1943
    Führer d. III./SS-Geb.Art.Rgt. 7 1. November 1943
    Stubaf. 20. April 1944
    KIA 6. August 1944 Fojnica/Bosnia

    But I'm not sure about that .. does not seem to me an Order of St. Anne Class IV ...
    Can someone check?

    Edited by lambert
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    Thanks all for reponse.
    Hermann Koetzold award Blut Orden Nr 1190.
    After research I can't know what Medal it is.
    Could it be a medal to a Freikorps ?

    Hi Thierry .

    There are some medals associations like veterans, but I'm sure that's not her.


    I looked in every site I know and have not found anything yet.

    I'm sure that information on the Order of St. Anna is wrong, is another Order.


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    I could expand a little more photo Group medals, hope it helps.


    Hello Lambert:

    This looks like it could possibly be a Hungarian Order of Merit with Swords.

    It should be behind the "Hindenburg Cross" because it is a foreign award, but sometimes groups were not mounted properly.

    Best regards,

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    The photo was taken between june 1935 and january 1936, as he wears the rank badges SS Oscha.
    - Annen Order : translation different order (bing translator).
    The medal isn't possible Hungarian Order of Merit with Swords (It seems to me that the swords were added in 1939).
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    The centre looks nothing like Hungarian Order of Merit (It seems to me that the swords were added in 1939) or Bulgarian Order of St Alexander (
    ring on the picture of a half Crown or flower for the Bulgarian order).
    But Hungarian Order more like (cross and swords)
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