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    Hi all , 

    Just when I thought I didn´t going to buy anthing more for a while .....

    If I´m right this is something more or less between WW1 and Third Reich ?

    Sachsen Coburg und Gotha Goldene Verdienstmedaliie 1933-35 , bur with the bar from a 1914/18 medal so maybe it fits here amongst Imperial ;)


    Does anyone know how many of these the "brown" Duke awarded ?

    What I can see the 1914/18 bar looks genuine , so maybe he had a WW1 medal and replaced it with this in 1933 ?   












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    Nice medal indeed!  OEK 2543 / H&S 1778a

    I like the clasp, issued from the Herzog Carl Eduard medal (H&S 1776).

    Sorry H&S doesn't mention the number of recipients.  Only that the medal was issued from 1919 to November 14, 1935 and after October 16, 1935 it was awarded with swords-on-the-ring.

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    • 4 years later...

    I'm sorry I have to say so, Christer, but the thread title was - unintendedly - very well worded:

    This is a made up set, all of it is fake: the medal, the swords on ring, the sword clasp and the ribbon.

    I have seen some exact same ones pop up on ebay the last few years, always from the same shady sellers.


    Edited by saschaw
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    Here's the next one, now without the additional clasp, offered among countless other shady looking pieces by seller ichverkaufealles12345. This seller, together with aubanan12, benkosi, bogdangapol, cairde32, egon4791, furchtlosundtreu14, galec-galec, inge7591ch, kasperle369, koelnerdomplatz09, kokor00, lillyfee-1995, mansamusa, orehilas321, pueppchenundtuch, salihero, sanktvith2011, slimcase1958, sterog62, trumeko, trumeko28 and wilro11 seems to be part of a "network" for not so nice pieces...


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    • 1 year later...
    21 hours ago, laurentius said:

    Shame, Sascha posted it 52 minutes ago and it's already gone. Makes you wonder about the presence of these fakers on our forums.....

    Possibly a misunderstanding?That's a some weeks old auction, but I didn't come to post it until now. Sorry for the confusion! However, the GMIC is completely public, so everybody on the Internet can read what we're discussing, indeed - even without a registration.

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