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    Belgian medal makers / retailers

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    Not much else to do, then to sit still and heal, after a tendon tear in my right arm....

    So I tought why not start a thread with Belgian medals makers and retailers. With the pile of medal boxes I have that might take some posts.

    Let's start with the greatest name; Fonson.


    medal makers 007.JPG

    Next is Fish, a old one and the modern one;


    medal makers 009.JPG

    medal makers 010.JPG

    Van Look from Antwerp, also two different one's, two different adresses too;


    medal makers 005.JPG

    medal makers 001.JPG



    medal makers 004.JPG



    medal makers 003.JPG

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    Hey Paul,

    no, I stopped reclaiming the garden two weeks ago, when I fell from a ladder when trying to cut a dead tree...

    The tendon tear happened when moving my stuff...

    I defenetly nead a tractor there.

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    Interesting, Here's my contribution..




    From a Knights class Leopold I


    Wolthers 2.jpg

    2nd class cross for the Civil decoration for Long Service.



    1st class cross for the Civil decoration for Long Service in the Pompiers et Garde Civil of Leopold l





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    Another Fisch wrapper for the WW1 Victory medal - not mine, sadly ...


    and a better photo of my Fonson wrapper ...



    A selection from a web site   http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/insignia-flags-regalia/belgian-secret-army-105748/



    And another .. http://natedsanders.com/bronze_olympic_medal_from_the_1920_summer_olympics-lot37396.aspx




    Edited by Bilco
    additional info
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    The picture and thread on WRF are mine. Not sure I still have them...

    I generally get my medals from local auction houses, thing is your never sure the right medals still are in the right boxes.

    I make a pic the way they got in, and then keep the boxes separtly from the medals.

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    Just saw this interesting topic. Here pictures of an Leopold order and case made by C.J. Buls I have in my collection. He was the first Belgium manufacturer of the Leopold order, starting around 1850. Before that the Leopold order was made by Dutalis in Paris. As you can see the maker's mark is not inside the lid of the case, but a sticker on the bottom. Pieter





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    • 2 weeks later...


    Widow (Vve, veuve) of Fernand Heremans? I can't find anything about it ... i have searched in the almanac of the city of Brussels but can't find it at this adress. Since the street (Avenue Emile Verhaeren) was build in 1907-1908 it can not be earlier.

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