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    I’ve discovered a person selling a colossal East German ribbon bar and I’m curious as to who it could have belonged to?

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    also I’m curious if the ribbon bar is 100% authentic too.


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    Given a jumble of Soviet and DDR awards, and apparent service in Army, Police, Customs, Border Guards AND State Security... not to mention Construction, Railways, and Agriculture... I'd guess this is a fantasy bar of whatever ribbons the vendor could get his paws on.

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    Hi Megan,

    "I'd guess this is a fantasy bar of whatever ribbons the vendor could get his paws on."

    Please see my previous comment. This bar is based on a bar of Armeegeneral Mielke, but it is not the original.

    The various organisations set great value on conferring their decorations on Mielke!


    Mielke Klempnerladen F.jpg

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    Mielke was probably the heaviest decorated figure of the former DDR, hence his awards are a grateful object of making replicas for sale. I have seen the replicas of his ribbon bar a few times, but always repeating similar errors. It seems that the manufacturer either did not recognize all ribbons or could not find the originals.


    Still, real gems can be found, too. Two years ago on the Net I came across a uniform (made in China) that allegedly belonged to Gen. Heinz Hoffmann. It was made in such a perfect way that looking at the ribbon bars you could hardly say they were not original.

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