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    Hello to all. I just join and I see many familiar user names. I look forward to doing some nice posts and working with everyone. For those who don't know me I collect Imperial German medalbars, uniforms, etc., basicly anything Imperial German. What is the maximum size in pixels for posting pictures? Once I get this down I can start posting.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Hi! :cheers: 50 KB to start with. That's smaller than the ones I made on your travels through, but at 50 posts you will get more space as an active member.

    Or you can just stop on by the Ancestral Manse and I will scan to size. I make very nice scans with my Epson 2400.

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    • 3 years later...
    Guest Rick Research

    May 2005... soooooo long ago.

    Hard to believe there were less than 200 members then...

    the website was entirely in black and white...

    there were only three sections:




    "Where Have All The Woolly Mammoths Gotten To Recently?"

    Astonishing what's developed since.

    :catjava: :cheers:

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