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    Thanks for the explanation, djn.
  2. Trooper_D


    An enviable display, djn! Thanks for showing it. What is the explanation for the MVK hanging from what appears to be a damenschleife, please? Presumably, they were never issued to females so what is its significance?
  3. Trooper_D

    Austro-Hungarian case/etui

    Rather than being the boxes in which the original, awarded medals arrived in, might they be the boxes in which a replacement medal bought from a military tailor would be sold in?
  4. Kudos to you, Martin, for fessing up and offering the unwary a salutary lesson! In fairness, it can't be said enough times.
  5. It's the maker's name plaque, Stuka. If you google < haig "london & aldershot" > you will see many other examples.
  6. May we see a photo of the Order's arms, please, as this may give the heraldically-minded a clue?
  7. Dave As Dean said - and thank you also for giving your insights into the complexity of interpreting these rolls
  8. Dear Dave Would you be kind enough to clarify something for me? You have the roll of the Order but you also state that the exact number of awards is unknown. Does this indicate that some genuine awards never made it onto the roll (because of war-time conditions, perhaps?). If not on the roll, how do we judge an award to be 'genuine'? A couple of subsidiary questions, if I may: who maintained the roll and when was the last entry?
  9. What indicates to you that these might be military rather than civiliam, Jurgen, please?
  10. Trooper_D

    Austrian uniforms

    I, for one, would be very interesting to see information about uniforms for this period, MonteSanto, and I am sure that I am not the only one who will look forward to your photos, as and when you have time.
  11. Trooper_D

    Question on french uniform

    Thanks for the clarification. I also wondered about the chevrons but, in the full size version, I can convince myself that I can see that they are three dimensional - in other words, that they are made of braid or similar.
  12. Trooper_D

    Question on french uniform

    Andy Has the TSF symbol been drawn onto the photo with ink or onto the tunic? Or do we think that it is some kind of crude stitching onto the sleeve of the tunic? I also note that he has 'procured' a British Sam Browne belt from somewhere!
  13. Trooper_D

    2nd Battalion HAC WW1

    Cazack The official history of the HAC in WW1 - The Honourable Artillery Company in the Great War, edited by Maj. G. Goold Walker (London: Seely, Service & Co, 1930) - indicates that the 2nd Battalion only went to France, as a unit, late in 1916. Before then, it was a feeder for the 1st Battalion, replacing men as needed.
  14. Trooper_D

    Franz Joseph Order Grand Cross ?

    Thank you for that explanation, Enzo. I have a chain configured in this way and I had more or less come to that conclusion, already. I had wanted to try it out in practice but, unfortunately, the button hole on my tailcoat's lapel is too small to allow the round end to pass through it so my understanding will have to stay at the theoretical level, pro tem. What I did conclude from my mostly failed experiment is that the chain would hang almost straight down and that the badges would therefore hang off it rather awkwardly. Perhaps I should seek out some contemporary photographs to see how it would have been, in practice.
  15. Trooper_D

    Franz Joseph Order Grand Cross ?

    A magnificent chain, Enzo! The round end goes in the button hole, of course, but what happens at the end with the rather long and extended plain chain, please?
  16. And he's got the British Military Cross for good measure! Thanks for posting this.
  17. Trooper_D

    Austrian military merit cross

    Thank you for this useful clarification of purpose behind this practice, Laurentius.
  18. Trooper_D

    Austrian military merit cross

    This is a lovely looking cross, Laurentius. Might we see the reverse, as well, please? Do you know what the purpose of the miniature on the trifold was? If the holder also had the First Class award, would he not only wear that? I hope that you have success in your for pictures from Mericka's book.
  19. Trooper_D

    KuK bar, large silver bravery 2x

    For that alone, Enzo - and notwithstanding your other words of wisdom, here - yours is the post of the month, in my opinion
  20. Trooper_D

    Finds of the day

    No! What a wonderful wife you have, Stuka
  21. Trooper_D

    Finds of the day

    If there is a Mrs/Madame Stuka, was she as excited as you, when you brought this home?
  22. My pleasure - I learnt a lot as well. I agree with you that it does look like 1915. Thanks, Graf ,for your confirmation.
  23. I think that this page helps clear this up, New World: http://www.redcross.org.uk/en/About-us/Who-we-are/Museum-and-archives/Collections/Medals-and-badges wherein it states that "[t]he medal was awarded to members of the British Red Cross units who served in Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia or Turkey during the Turco-Balkan war (1912-1913) or the Balkan Allies war (1913)." Note that the Balkan Allies War was in 1913 not 1915, in which case, being before WW1, a British medic would be a neutral and hence he could be recognised for duties performed in Bulgaria.
  24. Trooper_D

    Trying to recreate an uniform

    Gentlemen The correct colour appears to have been resolved but we haven't addressed Andrei's question as to what material should be used. I am guessing that a course, wool cloth would be correct. Has anyone a better idea?