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  1. Good spot, but I don’t think so. I just checked in JHF Kemp’s book and it shows the 1911 as sole entitlement.
  2. Anyone know what Iceland did in the World Wars?
  3. John

    Iceland in WWII

    Where was it and on what scale?
  4. Nice find.. i am a bit of a rust pervert... I have some relic helmets tucked away.
  5. Who was the longest serving , ever copper,in the world? :ph34r:
  6. I saw today that the former President will be lying in state , attended to by "The Old Guard".I thought that this was the name of Napoleon Bonaparte's senior Household Guard. Any one help?
  7. Great - Thank you... knowing my luck i'll probably find 'Made in Sheffield. stamped on it! lol
  8. Good Evening Folks. This arrived today. I do like my 'relic' helmets and have a selection from different countries. I do have a couple of ww2 german, but know nothing about decals, as such, especially SS ones... What is the general consensus of this one, please? Thanks John.
  9. That's what I was thinking. I have a really decent DD early lid from the invasion of Poland. Its rusty with faint decals but they are there. I like this, so will oil it up and lightly clean it. Hopefully this will reveal any stamps that are left. I enjoyed relics after becoming bored with other helmets that I had. I started collecting them a few years ago when they weren't that popular. Once I've sorted it out, I will post a pic. A friend of mine has dealt in a lot of helmets so I will run it by him next week. I'll let you know!
  10. Thanks guys. I've had a look on the internet, and I'm not sure. I just don't have enough experience or knowledge in this area. It would be nice if is was right, but we'll have to see.....
  11. I read in the Telegraph today that this country's MOD is descaling the Navy down to something the size of the Task Force sent to the Malvinas.... What a frightening thought... I do hope that in hostile times that this minor armada is going to be enough. This government wants everything on the cheap. I think we're finished as the superpower we once were. Remember Lord Cochrane , what a man! the man who created Chile.Genius.
  12. John


    I still can't wait to visit it!
  13. John

    Marder III ausf H

    cracking model! looks really good. But I must ask... how long did it take?
  14. Does anyone know the proper conditions for the award of the Purple Heart? There seems to be alot of rumours about this , and very little facts.
  15. Great pic. Nice dogs. What are they called?
  16. Sorry to hear about your sad loss. But, I am glad your interest is back, and what a great palce to start - your Dad's medals!. I'm not familiar with SA medals. I would be grateful if you could give a run down on what looks like a great group!. :cheers:
  17. Is there any sort of WWII ace for tank destruction by an infantryman on any side, ie by bazooka, mine, hand...etc
  18. John

    My Arisaka

    Nice Rifle! Have you fired it yet? With regards to the AA role of the sights, you have to bear in mind that the Japanese Army put great store in its infantryman, and almost the entire army consisted of infantry. They travelled light, and 'man packed' just about everything. Most of their artillery could be broken down, and they had very few tanks, and of these, they were essentially Light tanks, and primarily used only in the infantry support role. They were also were nearly always part of a large army or group. Imagine several hundred Arisaka's, firing together, at aircraft, and you now have a large amount of lead in the air. It only takes one lucky hit! The British Army still teaches to fire thirty(!) aircraft lengths ahead of a jet, before becoming to fire , en masse..... Ps Might I ask how much you payed? :cheers:
  19. Whats the most decisive battle of WWII. For me it is the Eastern Front. Stalingrad or I think , more probably the 3 day Battle of Kursk....