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  1. Prices just went down. To much hot air in the last years. Normal consolidation. dede
  2. Thanks Dave for your inputs. So, the research goes on. Tricky thing indeed.
  3. Ok, I just was wondering how pictures from my collection could appear from nowhere in this thread.
  4. Hello tompress, from where do you have this nice document posted in ID:12? Cheers Chris
  5. Thanks guys. The medal of Liberation war 1918 was given in the 30s. So it can be assumed that the soldier already was dead at that time. And where shall I put the Kronenorden? After the Red Eagle? Cheers
  6. What would be a common sequence for the medals? I plan to fix em on a medal bar. By the way: Does anybody has an old empty medal bar, long enough to fix all medals (except the medal of Liberty)?
  7. Ok, so let's assume only the Liberty cross was awarded. Is it possible to track the former owner? I mean possible regarding the two Prussian decorations AND the fact that he got the Finnish award? 25 years Dienstauszeichnung + the fact that he possibly did not get any Hindenburg medal due to his death. And the Mecklenburg medal - maybe he was in the Jägerbattailon No. 14?
  8. I see the point. Ok, the medal of liberty anyhow does not help very much to identify the person. Or the liberty cross is wrong in the ensemble.
  9. Hello everybody, I could aquire these medals. It was said that the medals should have belonged to a German Officer who participated in the Liberation war in Finland 1918. The medals are: Prussia: Roter Adler-Orden, cross 4th class Prussia: Kronenorden, cross 4th class Iron cross Finnish Liberty cross 2nd class Finnish Liberty medal 1st class 1918 Offiziers-Dienstauszeichnung für 25 Jahre Centenar medal Mecklenburg-Schwerin Militärverdienstkreuz 2nd class 1914 Braunschweiger (Brunswick) Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2nd class 1914 My hope to identify him with your help is raised by the 2 Prussian decorations. Any ideas are very much appreciated. Cheers
  10. Dzien dobry, it is a German manufacture. I have a Liberty cross first class 1918 and the manufacture or style of production looks similar. Detlef

    • FOR SALE

    Hello, here is a wristband of a SS-Rottenführer who was deployed in Finland. He was killed in 1944 and the name will be given to potential buyer. All his other stuff have been auctioned at benemerenti auction. Shipping to Europe, Israel and North America. Cheers Christian