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  1. It is a long time ago since sth was posted in this threat. Looking at Jantzen‘s bar I have the question whether it is possible to identify more Baltic Division officers medal bars by the combination of the China medal 1901, the Hamburg medal and the Finnish liberty cross 2nd class? Does a roll exist for the China medal 1901? More than 40.000 have been awarded. Dete
  2. it is nor rare, but nice. Awarded after the war.
  3. Hello, is the document still on gmic or has it been removed? Regards Detlef
  4. misiu

    My first Finnish medal

    Könnte daa Teil mit Band und Kampfspange für 25 anbieten. 30 ohne alles ist teuer
  5. Hi folks, some nice items on ebay: https://m.ebay.de/itm/Finnland-Kreuz-fur-die-Schlacht-bei-Summa-mit-Matrikelnummer/372200210093?hash=item56a8dc7ead:g:KroAAOSwmuVaY3DO but the most are to overpriced. cheers detlef
  6. Prices just went down. To much hot air in the last years. Normal consolidation. dede
  7. Ok, I just was wondering how pictures from my collection could appear from nowhere in this thread.
  8. Hello tompress, from where do you have this nice document posted in ID:12? Cheers Chris
  9. Thanks guys. The medal of Liberation war 1918 was given in the 30s. So it can be assumed that the soldier already was dead at that time. And where shall I put the Kronenorden? After the Red Eagle? Cheers