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  1. Thank you VERY MUCH Andreas! "...cutting edge regiment of Christianity." Love it.
  2. This I believe is the Kronprinz's autograph on a presentation frame. Can anyone read and translate his dedication? Many thanks.
  3. Beautiful original examples! The Observer badge without rivets Pandis calls the "Distribution" pattern. See his volume 1 page 83. The Pilot badge Carsten Baldes calls Godet made, with a star punch on the pin for base metals under silver plate. See his book p. 189.
  4. Fascinating! Thanks for the lead on Garros. Looks like we stumbled on a great war myth. The original wire service report: The rest of the story...
  5. Saw these postcards and they seem to be of the same action, and not just fantasy drawings. Can anyone identify who the pilot was and what happened here? A translation of the captions would be great. Thanks!
  6. On a silver presentation box are engraved the name of 56 PLM winners, mostly Flieger and U-boot commanders. But on each side are, I think, 6 names of Army Officers with PLMs. I have had help identifying two names so far. Any help IDing the last 4 would be appreciated! 1. ? 2. ? 3. ? 4. Lancelle 5. ? 6. Seidel
  7. Here are 7 pairs of signatures from a silver presentation box. Seven I have identified as PLM winning U-boot commanders, so I assume the others might be. Any help on the other 7 would be appreciated. Thanks! 1. Forstmann 2. Moraht 3. ? 4. ? 5. Hersing 6. Rose 7. ? 8. Marschall 9. ? 10. Siess 11. Hartwig 12. ? 13. ? 14. ?
  8. Yes, thank you, Claudius. The types of PLM winners are all segregated. 36 PLM winners to Flieger on top--34 confirmed! It would be odd if 2 out of 36 are non-Flieger. But it is beginning to look that way. The front of the box has the U-boot and the two sides Army. Maybe they are Army names? Thank you for trying. Maybe I will post the unidentified U-boot names and you will spot somebody. Rgds
  9. These two are from a silver box signed and engraved by 36 men on the lid. 34 are ID'ed as PLM Flieger. Only these two remain unidentified. Can you help? The first is in the centre below Bongartz. The second is at the bottom below Richthofen and Boelcke. Thanks!
  10. The finest Ehrenpreis I have ever seen... Good work and congratulations, again!
  11. I think then, like now, businessmen with deep pockets get away with a lot. But the missing plaque could mean one or a group of PLM winners presented him with this box. So no harm. Also, as PLM jeweller's copies go, this is not very good--the one-sided funeral cushion copies look more detailed than this to me. Tho' the stickpins are as nice as I've ever seen! It is possible someone sexed this up later. Would a collector put a PLM over the gorgeous engraving? I would love to restore the engraving of the PLM and get rid of the clunky insignia, but now there is a hole in the lid where the center of the cross attaches, and two more holes in the lid behind the top and bottom arms of the cross, with a little ball bearing that snaps into holes on the back of the arms to seat it. It is like the jeweller covered up the engraving but made sure the insignia could swivel and reveal his work, or half of it! Very odd.
  12. Front panel, in vertical pairs of names from left to right... 37. Forstmann and 38. Moraht 39. ????? and 40. ????? 41. Hersing and 42. Rose 43. ???? and 44. Marschall 45. ???? and 46. Siess 47. Hartwig and 48. ???? 49. ???? and 50. ???? FYI I identified a few U-boat aces from two postcards someone sent me. They are from reunions of the last living PLM holders in 1966--at the baths in Wiesbaden--and 1967--at the thermal baths in Baden-Baden! Left panel, left to right: 51. ???? 52. ???? 53. ???? Right panel: 54. Lancelle 55. ????? 56. Seidel Maybe this is an Army panel?
  13. 7th Row... 25. Keller 26. Bäumer 27. Blume 28. Büchner 29. Rieper 30. Leonhardy 8th Row... 31. Berthold 32. Manfred Frhr. v. Richthofen 33. Boelcke 34. Lothar Frhr. Richthofen 35. J. Veltjens 9th Row... squeezed below Boelcke... 36. Frhr v Leffers ?
  14. 3rd Row... 11. Frhr. O. Boenigk 12. Könnecke 13. ??????? 14. Gotthard Sachsenberg 4th Row... 15. Ernst Udet 16. C Degelow 17. H Klein 18. Greim ? 5th Row... 19. Frhr von Pechmann 20. Laumann 6th Row... 21. Ed. Ritter von Schleich 22. Julius Buckler ? 23. Hans-Georg Horn 24. Brandenburg
  15. Lid, top row, left to right... 1. Jacobs 2. Göring 3. Loerzer 4. Bolle 5. Köhl 2nd Row... 6. ????????? 7. Müller-Kahle 8. Bongartz 9. Homburg 10. Theo Osterkamp