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Another couple of photos I have in the collection, and are still on file on my computer as well, so I might

as well add them here for comments, here is the first one, I love the breast eagle on this fliegerbluse, and

I initially thought it was bullion, but John Hodgin (US) said that it may simply be a nice early heavy cotton

weave eagle too, whichever type it is, it sure makes the jacket spring to life, not bad for a humble Gefreiter,

collar tabs look dark too, maybe Flak perhaps....

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I have been looking through some old discs, and found some scans I did a while back with a few portrait shots

on it, so will post them here, the photo that started this thread will come up again, as I did them 2 at a time,

anyway, here are a few Luftwaffe postcard portraits...


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