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  1. One like this on J + site £85 in his whats new feature Regards Mametz
  2. Nice one Pete, not seen by me before at a glance you would not think it was hj.I am sure i have missed many hj and sa tinnies in the past, but now i look more carefully. Regards Mametz
  3. Thats a stunna, never see them offered and Dannys is awesome. I have been looking for ages if anyone has one for sale i would give a very good price. Regards Mametz
  4. I have seen quite a few of these about, with and without cloth backing. some with holes some without. I don,t have confidence in any of them. Regards Mametz
  5. Don,t know what it,s for, but it looks period a good one Regards Mametz
  6. Fantastic cross, you are lucky to find that one, what other crosses are marked on the frame rather than the ring? Regards Mametz
  7. Welcome Madzombie, never thought i,d type that! i,m no expert but as you say it,s not typical. If it were private purchase why would it have a rzm tag, as a tag is there to say it conforms to known standards. Regards Mametz
  8. Hard to tell with these, looks like a sympathizers pin load of these prodouced seems ok. I think Dons your man though. Regards Mametz
  9. Your not doing yourself any favours with that attitude Demien, my opinion would be a guess, so i won,t give it. I don,t know enough about these to say, but there are members here who do know may be they are on holiday, or just not on line. I am sure they would help you, just don,t rub them up the wrong way. Regards Mametz
  10. Thanks Darrell i see it now, is the flaw more pronounced on some pieces than others, or is it always the same? Regards Mametz
  11. Interesting anyone have any better pics of this flaw? Regards Mametz
  12. Nice Salzburg one, hard to find with the silver wash intact it tends to wear off. Regards Mametz
  13. New one on me, never seen ss coins before but does not have the sharpness i would associate with die struck coinage. Especially around the wreath area. Regards Mametz
  14. The shocking price of sa tinnies gents, i refer to my post above it,s still there, under awards& decorations page 2. ?1257. Now thats what i call a premium! you should get in touch with this bloke Pete with all your stuff, this time next year you could be a millionaire! Regards Mametz
  15. Hi all Have a look on Craig Gottliebs site under latest items, if you got one of these your in the money! Sa day badge,$2 495 yes thats $2 495 about ?1257, don,t all rush in at once. Regards Mametz
  16. Danny used to seeing your nice ek2 collection, but daggers are a world of it,s own dagger people are very fussy, any flaws are writ large and tend to put collectors off. Better to have one good example than many with problems, i bought a Haco Sa a while back cracking dagger good scabbard, nice nickle fittings, blonde grip. But it had lost a bit off the blade tip, thought i would make some money on it had a hard time selling it though, struggled to get my money back in the end. It looks like you got the bug now! but don,t jump in stand back take your time nice ones are about but try and buy the best. Regards Mametz
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