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  1. I'll check my book if you give me a couple hours to update have to dig it out
  2. It looks like it has the Croatian coat of arms, any luck on getting a closer picture of both sides?
  3. It might be one of the academy badges, they had some similar to the St. George. I'd try looking through some of them first. I'll have a look and see if I can find anything.
  4. Very nice pick up Paul Nice to see this uniform going to a good home
  5. When you have that much "bling" you can wear it any way you want
  6. Looks like an animal right behind the diamond badge, like a gazelle or horse
  7. We are just trying to say that the Belgrade is heavily copied, sometimes you can place a real original over a fake and not tell the difference except for small differences, that is why most collectors stay away from this medal :S How many have been handed out? How many do we see on the market? Supply and demand, less supply, more demand = make some copies! for crooked dealers
  8. I can't make up my mind on this one, but it just makes me wonder.... Why would they give a veteran a "defect" medal? and Up until now, how many recorded original defect medals of similar caliber can we list? (under any orders and medals?)
  9. Well then we could technically consider Canada as a British colony (commonwealth ) until we signed the 1982 Constitution Act , where we became a little more independent of the UK. Although we still maintain the Queen as our monarch, so...yeah We might go into to many technicalities so I'm ending mine here hehehe Special Agent Weather Station Kurt on the other hand, has lived through it all ! Where is it's commemorative service clasp for long service!
  10. Looks almost like an academy style symbol on the center of the eagle, but its better to wait for a more expert opinion and not my wild guess
  11. They have engine walk arounds too, amazing, Thank you for sharing it with us modellers like me !
  12. Canada was invaded! (technically ) the Nazis did deposit that weather station on Newfoundland Weatherman are dangerous be careful of your local meteorologist We didn't discover this lone, un-manned meteorologist station until the early 80s the names, Kurt.....Weather Station Kurt.... I had to drop in a Bond like phrase lol
  13. I'd of just put a Ww2 era bomb or set of them (preferably similar to ones dropped on Germany) as a small addition To stay original, but the aircraft is nice too
  14. It looks like a private issue (like what Jewelery stores used to issue) The medal itself looks very well made to be a "home grown" production, but then again we don't really have a reserves pic of it either
  15. It was there, but it disappeared leaving only the oakleaf
  16. Looking good Paul, glad to see this one in a good home
  17. I believe it adapts to the changing economy, or am I wrong? Since it'd really be a downer if you were awarded the order when (like an example) $300 a month was a lot of money(it still is a lot yet it cannot compare to 1,200). Yet now a days it isn't as significant
  18. I always thought they received free airfare via American Airlines too, but that could be some NCIS urban myth
  19. sounds like a good tale, but without the number you can't really do anything to prove it Have you tried UV lights?
  20. I guess, its probably #2 next to actually being shot down and alone in Germany, with no ticket home and you have to rely on a bag full of luck.
  21. Some of these look better than the actual orders lol
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