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  1. Howard Hughes pilot wings no idea Gold Filled is similar to plated and capped, and Coif its just the method of laying on a smaller layer of gold, it isn't solid.
  2. Make medals not war! was the catch phrase for this suspension Do not question Soviet procedure or we will have to send you to the northern forum hehehe
  3. It is possible, if you have the cash flow and you can still find 1 of each ! where there is money, there is a medal! lol
  4. If I only had and was able to sell my "European luxury villa" I could afford this and that Korean order of the Stars one lol Stop wetting our appetite Nick! such cool offers now a days lol If they took Monopoly money I could probably afford it
  5. Omg is it your birthday today! Happy Birthday Radmilo
  6. The Army and Airforce archive burned almost completely in 1973, I'm not sure on the Navy archive for the US, that's why anything getting a hit for WW2 stuff is amazing for US orders and medals
  7. That and the archive burning down almost completely in around the 70s so you can kinda understand why with only like 20-30ish left of those files they cant really record anything :S for the army and airforce, I'm not sure about the navy archive, but I believe those records were housed elsewhere, is it possible to run a archive search for this soviet sailor within the archive?
  8. although it is also a pet peave of mine to get this medal it is also a pretty nicely faked medal :S but from what you have posted it looks fine, but fine photos can be deceiving. Sorry I can't be of any more help Eric
  9. Because some people don't know English, let alone Russian so the translation gets destroyed lol (this is meant to be a joke, don't go all crazy on me people lol )
  10. So wait, the serial numbers of the Red Star and OPW 2 are gone? lost in time forever ? Very interesting find
  11. Now I have to figure out what works better than Microsoft Word, as this version seems to eat up the chart in his service record, here is his photo: Lt. Pashchenko was AMAZING his 1st Red Star citation is also great (fighting on Christmas) I'll have to be on the lookout for both his remaining Red Stars to re-unite them in his group I feel if he was a little higher in rank or within the party that his total award count would of sky rocketed with citations like these ones
  12. Auke and his guys are like lighting, I ordered some translations Lr. Pashchenko's 2 Red Stars and his service record. Auke says they were having a slow day at the archive, I say Auke is Jean Luc Picard of the Enterprise in disguise and his whole crew over at the archives beamed this file up quickly! His 2 RSes 1st one: Short, concrete description of his combat feat or merits: During the fighting with the German invaders near the village of Mormal in the Gomel Oblast on December 14 and 15 and during the offensive fighting between December 22 and 25, 1943 near the village of Davydovka in the Polesia Oblast he organized the duties of his platoon in an excellent manner. Acting quickly and efficiently, up to 150 enemy soldiers and officers were killed and 3 heavy and 2 light machine guns were destroyed. 3 enemy counterattacks were repelled, which enabled the success of his unit and the infantry it supported. He deserves the Order of the Red Star. Commander of the 124th Mortar Regiment Major [signed] /Piskunov/ January …, 1944     I award the Order of the Red Star. Commander of the 1st Mortar Brigade Guards Lieutenant Colonel [signed] /Mirzoyan/ January 5, 1944 2nd one: Short, concrete description of his combat feat or merits: During the fighting near Irekty Lieutenant Pashchenko displayed skill in commanding his platoon in battle. Firing accurately at a concentration of enemy troops he cleared the way for the advancing units. Conclusion: He deserves the Order of the Red Star. Commander of the 982nd Rifle Regiment Major [signed] /Pyankov/ September 5, 1945     I award the Order of the Red Star. Commander of the 275th Rifle Division Colonel [signed] /Mayorov/ September 13, 1945
  13. I love the citation really amazing write up and find there Paul Food is among the most important things in battle a constant supply that is never interrupted is fantastic
  14. Looks like D. Tuning to me :S I have similar "bad" writing, but then again the D could be an S. Since I sometimes eat up my loop in the S and it appears as a D.
  15. Looks Fantastic Is she Mint? a replacement ribbon shouldn't be that hard to fish out
  16. I will take a guess, it is a badge from a fallen Comrade (fallen after the battle not a posthumous award thing ) *ready for my punishment for getting it wrong
  17. Fantastic it is great to see when the National Archives get a hit in the records Thank you for sharing with us
  18. Looks really awesome Radmilo An excellent addition to your collection
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