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  1. Yes, i could be Werner, but this info is not 100 % sure.
  2. I do not like every piece, they`re selling there. But that only my opinion. Your shown piece looks good. I know it. It should be a silver gilded piece of the Münzamt Stuttgart It was produced in 1916 or later. I like the MVO also because of its Sprungring.
  3. Hi, you can find them also in a 1st class. "we" is the only marker which made a stamp into the eyelet. As i began collecting somebody said: "we" means Weckwerth - but i do not know a Jeweller "Weckwerth". so it is still unknown.
  4. Ich bin halt der Größte ... lach😄 I know, i am the chief ... lol I hope, Dr. M. is moving on of publishing data of the Landesarchiv. Wuerttemberg rules. lol.. The green paraphe on the last shown pic is from Mergenthaler
  5. Für die Dauer des Krieges wurden fremdländische Dekorationen (aus feindlichen Staaten) üblicherweise abgelegt. Deshalb findet man auch gelegentlich Schnalle, an den z.B. russische, rumänische, italienische usw. Dekorationen fehlen. Ich finde es nur bemerkenswert, das vorliegend die Dekoration sogar während des Krieges unter Vermittlung des neutralen Spaniens an das Dt. Reich zurückgegeben wurde. Sorry, my english isn`t good enough. And here a closeup of the letter with award numbers of the Nachverleihungen after 1918. (which was new for me) And here we have a letter, which shows, that for example Johann Wagner & Sohn, Berlin also produced decorations after Nov. 1918
  6. And here we have something special - voila: A returned decoration of a russian Großfürst - in 1916 an enermy - it returned over the spanish consulate
  7. Here are a lot of Rückgaben of decorations of the former kingdom of Wuerttemberg https://www2.landesarchiv-bw.de/ofs21/olf/struktur.php?bestand=4137&sprungId=60088&letztesLimit=suchen Here some stuff of it:
  8. A little refresh of that thread: Hello Dave😊 What about the Anhalt Friedrichscross (Friedrichskreuz) on green-white ribbon (for non-combatants) - (~ 1600 awards) ? I have two nice bars here, and i`d like trying to ID these ones. I am nearly sure, that both are Anhaltiner paymasters or from the Intendantur. Please, please finish the Anhalt rolls (for non-combatants). I am excited like a kid... And what about Württemberg? D a n i e l - the Wilhelmskreuz is calling :)
  9. Yes and as a background always use Wollstoff, Filz, Seide or Samt in black. You can also find some good cheap frames at IKEA
  10. Here we have another pic of my collection: It seems to be the commander of the II. Bat. RIR 219 He wears his IC2nd class as a 1st class. - never seen. (only in WW2) And i have a question: I cannot find a Major Vatke - Falke, Watke ....... On his Feldspange - ribbon bar he wears IC2nd class (may be for 1870/71) - ...... - RAO , i think LSC25 and ........ Can anybody help to ID that guy. - Yes, i know i am asking a lot - sorry for that !
  11. I believe, this is Dr. juris Arthur Wolff - i would nearly bet, that he wears a Robe of a german lawyer. In the Hof & Staatshandbuch 1918 (Redaktionsschluss März 1918, so we do not know what he also earned between April and Nov. 1918) he is listed with a lot of decorations - he was lawyer at the Berlin Kammergericht and also Direktor der Deutschen Bühne. In an article of a german newspapers of the 1960s i found a note, that he traveled a lot of and "in dieser Zeit sammelte er bei Fürstenhöfen eine Vielzahl von Orden (...)" I know that he got the Carl Eduard Medal 1st class ("for wearing on the neck") - i have two judges, who also got that medal. But they are too old - i think on this shown pic this man is not older than 40 years. Wolff war born in Berlin in 1881 and died in 1930. The pic must have been taken in 1918 or later because he wears the last version of the Bulgarian Alexanderorden (3 rd??) class with swords on the ring.
  12. I think i found him (Fuhrmann) in the DOA 1908 - may be his name was Gustav Eduard or Eduard Gustav: In this time he had RAO4, CM, LDA1 Seems that he later got the RAO3mS (and returned the RAO4), and KO3. Normally the commemorative medals are not always listened there. He was born in 1856 (i estimated around 1850) and lived in Berlin. I think he was retired in ~ 1918. He must have gotten the KO3 and RAO3mS between 1908 - 1918 and my pic was taken in this time. His rank was: Geheimer Kriegsrat, Militärintendanturrat and Hauptmann d.L. a.D. so the LDA1 fits. I think i could be happy.😄 Now we only have to clear Dr. Arthur Wolff with his Anhaltiner.
  13. In the late 1930s only awards with gold had to be returned to the German state - as Komtur wrote. The iron cross was for bravery and also not made of gold - so there was no Rückgabeverpflichtung.
  14. Hello again ! I am looking for more info about Geheimer Kriegsgerichtsrat Dr. Eduard (may be Edward) Fuhrmann I bought a photo of him which was taken in Eisenach (Thüringen). I think it was taken in ~ 1910 - His face looks like a 60 - 70 years old grandpa. (so he should be born in ~ 1850) He wears: RAO3 mit Schleife, KO3, DA25 (or may be Landwehr DA1), Chinadenkmünze 1900/01, Südwestafrikadenkmünze and Centenarmedaille (= Red eagle 3 with loop, crown order 3, LSC or may be reserve LSC1, China & SW Africa commemorative medal & Centenialmedal) The commemorative medals are looking like the non combatant version (steel) - no Iron cross. I cannot find him in my books. Can anybody help???? Which unit? I wonder why he does not wear the 1870/71 commemorative medal... And i need also information about Dr. Arthur Wolff (Rechtsanwalt - lawyer) in Berlin - born 1881 died 1930 I need to know, if he got the Komturkreuz of the Hausorden Albrechts des Bären in the year 1918 (Anhalt)
  15. some nice award documents out there. I have had some of them - but normally i do not collect "papers". There are a lot of versions esp. after Nov. 1918 made by Ämter, Abwicklungsstellen and Einheiten. Sometimes you can find "Kanitz" versions without "G.O.K." seal.
  16. Thanks for showing. At my pic: The 2 anchors - does they mean Obersteuermann, or is it a normal EM`s rank.
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