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  1. So you are referring to a totally different medal from the army gold. As Alice would say curiouser and curiouser. Paul
  2. lunettes is the term you are looking for. some get broken and it is nigh impossible to get perfect replacements p
  3. If you can find the roll for Sierra Leone 98-99 cant be many quacks there. Then see who is entited to the others shouldnt be too difficult. Probably an assistant Surgeon for the first medal. Best of luck paul
  4. medal itself looks kosher as with naming. p
  5. As one of the compilers of the catalogue I will be happy to try and answer any questions any of you may have. paul
  6. either that our an Arab Haj commemorative. p
  7. I think 2nd might be Virtute Militari 5th class. The bottom square badge is the officers long service ribbon , either st george or vlad. Cant work out no of years which is in Roman numerals. paul
  8. A silver example (denarius) sold in a Swiss auction 4 days ago for 340,000 CHF p
  9. yes would have worn a mini bath also his romanian award although not his german or austrian we are looking at someone of royal lineage who popped his clogs in the 20s i wonder if any of the fitzclarences (william ivs bastard brood) could fit the bill. p
  10. quite likely with many countries such as pre communist China zanzibar and arab and african staes the lowest grades.of orders are often as rare as rocking horse manure. p
  11. I doubt it. I think the solution lies on who received the gold 1887 with 97 clssp. obviously the entire British Royal Family alive in 87 and 97 and several European Heads of state receved it so they can be ruled out. Add in the RVO that narrows it down and the St Michael and George would suggest they hrld a senior dilomstic post or a governor generalship. If he was still alive in 1932 then I will be able to identify him as I have a book in the office issued for the centenary of the order of leopold which lists all living recipients including non-belgian. If he is not there then at least we know he popped his clogs prior to then. p
  12. Will try and organise it when I am back at the ranch on monday. I zm in better health than I have been in years, despite having spent 10 months in hospital on and off and had four brief visits to the grim reaper, alas for him he hated my taste in music so I am still this side of the veil. Hope all is well with you. Paul
  13. I have come across a breast star of the black eagle manufactured around 1820. The reverse of the retaining pin is stamped PG any idea who PG is? Is he a member of the Godet family. paul
  14. Interesting. Certainly awarded to nobility with gold 1887 Jubilee with 97 clasp. 6 clasp QSA Victorian Order And Michael and George must be some one intetesting. Nice group. p
  15. They were intended for educational display or museum purposes. p
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