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    I know these are not really an Imperial era item but they pollute sooo many beautiful bars that we all love I felt this a good place to post. I don't know why but these have become a pet peeve of mine and I have passed on some really nice bars that were mounted in the mid 30's do to these.

    Having said all of that I must admit that I do LOVE the pin back ones. speechless.gif The odd pieces find a little spot in my heart. How many firms produced these? I know there were two with different dies. Anyone have one different than these? I guess the fact that these were not made to ruin a medal bar makes it OK to me somehow. I never said I was not eccentric tongue.gif



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    I agree the Hindenburg Cross is not an attractive medal. Although it does serve a purpose for dating the bar and also for helping ID the owner. If the Hindenburg Cross is on the bar then the owner survived the war.

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    Ralph's got a generic maker marked packet, the earlyish sort devoid of any desigantion like used on the Flowers War medals.

    I love these little medals, they're often over looked because they're abundant....but I have a true soft spot for them. I've even two marked CEJ now.

    Boxed Rick !! And I've more too love.gif Need the larger combo case for EK & HC

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    In a way they do mess up bars.

    If your intterest in WW1 then these drag them over into the nazi era, same way as if somone added a Bundesrepublic medal to a WW2 bar.

    WW1 for me was 1914-1919 and ended there.... and so should fiddling with the bar.

    Of course, realistically it is a valid medal and we Imperial collectors have to realise that the show went on after WW1 was over, unlike with the 3rd Reich stuff, there was no curtain to end the era.

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    I agree, I do not like them on a medal bar. I realize they have their place, but I have passed on medal bars because of it. Say I want to display a medal bar on a pre war or wartime tunic. I think the HK just does not belong there, because by 1934 the veteran was wearing another uniform or had no reason to wear his old one. I have to say, I have few medal bars due to this. I would rather have Freikorps, or 1920's veteran medals than the HK, at least the vet could still be wearing the same uniform in the early 20's. However, If I was ever to find that one of a kind, collection making bar, (like the evil twins get) that I could afford I would still buy it if it had an HK on it.

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