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Cool cased hanseatic for Stogie! (still the evil twin)

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I saw one of these on Weitze's site. It's not one of the two known original issue boxes, but I suppose the piece could have been re-packed by this jeweler. The two issue boxes (tall/short) both came with the Hamburg crest on the lid. They were identical and white with the only difference being the actual size of the box.

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Did you get that beauty Sally? If so, not bad.. :beer:

No Not mine Antti. just saw it somewhere and thought the box was interesting but it looks like my "aspirin " suspicions were right


Yes Rick I think it was Weitze's site now that I think of it! Hows it going with you buddy? Write me a PM and tell me about life!

Best, Sal

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I would not expect to pay more than Euros 200 for these three crosses from dealers in Germany. At that price, however, I would also expect to see "nicer" ribbons.

If you frequent German eBay, you will also find them for less if you are persistent.

The Hamburg crosses and their documents are the easiest to find. Generally accepted award number statistics suggest that the L?beck cross is the rarest, followed by the Bremen cross. Prices certainly seem to reflect this, although the Bremen cross seems to be offered as rarely as the L?beck cross.

Bremen and L?beck award documents are not offered very often, but I have found more from L?beck than Bremen, which is unusual considering that approximately twice as many Bremen crosses were awarded than their counterparts from L?beck.

The trifold ribbon is a rare mounting arrangement.

Although I tend not to collect "sets", these three crosses are a nice combination and look good when displayed together.


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